Heathen ChristmasCanna Gitta Hallelujah?

It took me bloody long enough to do this. I have been talking about starting an atheist blog for some time now. I think it was Christmas Eve in a drunken conversation (read as: heathen Christmas) with my brother that I finally made the decision. Still, that was 3 months ago. Blah.

In the past 3 months, I have moved from a large urban centre on the West Coast of Canada, to a small rural town in the Southern Interior of BC. While we’ve yet to really meet anyone and get to know them, we have taken note of the numerous churches in a town of 12,000. The bells, they ring out across our little town too. We are clearly outnumbered, and Momma’s gonna need an outlet. And so,

So, who am I? I am a well-traveled, well-read extreme left atheist mother, wife and writer. I have a little dude about 5, a stepdaughter about 11, a rescue pup about 13 and a husband who likes to play the drums.

I was not born and raised anything in particular. I have Catholics in my family, plenty of Christians, been to churchy funerals and godly baptisms and holylike weddings and such. I’ve had Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Hindu friends and boyfriends. But I’ve always found wonder in science, the universe and the natural world. I require empirical evidence to believe something and contrary to popular belief, this creates more mystery and wonder than a couple of old books will ever be able to.

If you want to yell at me, send me death threats, try to convert me or just cheer me on, you can email me at

  • This is great, I am excited to read your posts. I grew up a Lutheran and went to Catechism class and whatnot when in high school, but now I am a non-believer. Ironically, all of the church going raised questions in my head that no one could answer. It’s always “Well, you just have to have faith.” and other crappy non-answers!

    I have many friends and family who are devoted Christians, and I usually just keep to myself as long as they don’t try and “save me”. Anyway, I could go on and on about this topic, as you can too, but just wanted to say it’s good to see others out there!

    Good luck with the blog and I look forward to visiting frequently!


    • Thank you for the comments and sharing a bit of your own story 🙂 I have always found that the people who know more about religion are the ones who believe less and less. The more you know, the harder it is to believe. Thanks for reading!

      • Marten

        This is an effect I’ve also noticed. Debating with average believers and
        churchgoers often lead me to a point where I seemed to hold a theologic
        seminar about basics they should know of (their) religion. As they are
        the believers, not me.

        I’m glad to having found your blog – thumbs up.
        It’s not always easy to grow up unchristened children in the Western hemisphere. Even over 200 years after the Enlightenment.

  • Liam

    Do you require empirical evidence for materialism or just for thing you do not agree with?

  • Lexie

    I’ve been reading your blog on and off for a while and only now realized you were a fellow Canadian gal! *secret Canadian handshake* I’m right next door in ‘Berta and things out here can get pretty Jesusy, especially out in the boonies so it’s nice to read about other logical human beings who don’t live their lives in fear of a big moody child in the sky. Did you guys ever receive those awful flyers calling out Canadian ‘genocide’ from those lunatics at CCBR? If you did, I’d like to apologize for that…those suckers are from Calgary and I feel as an Albertan I owe everyone an apology for unleashing that garbage on the world. Anyway, great blog and keep up the good work!

  • Well, welcome! I am headed to check your blog…

  • Mark

    ” … We are clearly outnumbered, and Momma’s gonna need an outlet. And so, … ”

    I Love IT!!!

  • Cornelius Van Zyl

    Great BLog, glad I found it, wish there were more people active on it

  • Christine Creagh

    Hi from Columbus, Ohio! My partner and I just had a good time looking over your site. We are also atheist mamas and we like your stuff! 🙂

  • Ujarak

    “Far left”? “Far right”? What has this to do with rejecting the religions of the world?

  • John Carmichael

    I like that you connect atheism to parenting and make clear you can be a great parent without religion. Here in the U.S. (at least, not sure about Canada) there is a lot of energy around the need to control children at all costs, and the word “family values” is code for “religious right” and “traditional” families.

    • Thank you! My parents are atheists, too, and they are wonderful parents. Religion not needed 🙂

    • wolfypuppy

      Atheism and parenting have a LOT in common. Atheism is for grown-ups, religion is for children. I want to teach my kids personal responsibility, not shifting blame for their actions onto SATAN! I want my kids to be true to themselves and follow their consciences, not to stifle them in order to conform to someone else’s beliefs. My kids have parents who want them to grow up and not need us anymore. They don’t need a Sky Daddy who refuses to let them grow up and wants them dependent on him FOREVAH! Sick. Abrahamic religions are so… codependent! Conservative religious people are so SCARED. Of their god, of their hell, of people who are different, of people (us) who cause them to question their shaky religious beliefs. What a sucky way to live.

  • Will Barrows

    Although I definitely don’t believe in gods, I dislike the word “Atheist” because essentially it defines a person in terms of something they are not. “A” (not) “theist” (God-believer). I’m not a stamp collector either, but that doesn’t define me. Atheist is a religious word to define the “out-group”. I love your posts, Godless Mom, but doesn’t it grate to define yourself in terms of something you DON’T believe?