Love As Proof For God: Where Is The Logic In Love?

Yesterday, I posted my answer to the first of a series of questions from a Facebook god-goon . This person has since made the exchange rather uncomfortable, which is to say, he’s made death threats because he is that fucking holy. That said, however, some of his questions were goodish, in that I’ve never covered them before so I will continue to answer them.

I will try not to avoid questions such as these, unless and until there are too many.

So, our fine, violent friend asks,

What about the existence of love? If everything works from logic, then why do we keep loving the people who hurt us? (e.g family) There is no logic in that.

The very phrasing of this question makes about as much sense as Ken Ham’s museum: sweet fuck all. There are several errors here starting with the assumption that “atheist” means I believe “everything works from logic”. Grammatical inanity aside, this is not what being an atheist means. An atheist, and I feel as though I am a broken record here, is simply someone who does not believe in any gods. They do not have to believe all things are logical, they can believe they will be reincarnated, they can believe silver, microscopic, cranium-dwelling, German-speaking monkeys are controlling Jimmy Fallon. The only one thing all atheists agree on, is that the existence of a god is unlikely based on the evidence we currently have. How many times do I have to explain this? Honestly, it’s like theists just don’t want to hear it. This is the fundamental problem with getting your knowledge exclusively from one idiot book: you become a fucking moron. Expand your library for god’s sake (no holy) and try to include a fucking dictionary.

The next error we encounter in this question, is the premise that someone, somewhere has asserted that “everything works from logic”. First of all, no native english speaking half-wit would utter this ridiculous sentence. It’s so nonsensical, it feels like the product of gastromancy or fart readings or some other voodoo shazz. It sounds as if you’re trying to say that atheists believe that logic is the fuel of the natural world, like some invisible force that is responsible for everything and all that is. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The very idea of it is absurd, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a single motherfucker say that all things spring forth from some magical well of logic. No. We do not believe this. No one does! Extract head from rectum!

What scientists and people who choose to live by logic and reason actually say, and what I think this guy might be referring to in his all but illiterate way, is that all things can be explained logically, through hypothesis testing, experimentation, refinement, etc.

So, now that we can all agree that assertion 1, all atheists think that everything works from logic, is wrong and assertion 2, there are people out there pushing the idea that everything comes from logic, is also wrong. I think we can all also agree, that the deficient poser of the question probably meant to ask, “If all things can be explained logically, then explain why we keep loving people who hurt us”. This is a far, far more clearly phrased question being as it’s not overflowing with bibliotarded dumbassery.

We can tackle this far clearer question easily by looking at human emotion. Human emotion is not reliably logical, this is true. I mean, just open your front door and look around. We’re surrounded by a goddamned loon-show, no holy. But just because emotion itself is not reliably logical, does not mean it can’t be explained logically. You see how I did that? Separated two totally different things that our vicious investigator conveniently, and unintelligibly lumped into one?

Explaining emotion logically is simple. Emotion is instinctual and imperative for our survival. It is simply a reaction to outside stimuli. Emotion can be boiled down, unromantically, to the release of certain chemicals based on this stimuli. It is not unlike feeling euphoria after taking a strong pain killer. That feeling is emotional, but it definitely came from somewhere.

Emotion can be completely illogical, because it’s not being conjured up by choice. An example of an emotion that is totally devoid of logic, is Godless Mom’s crippling and brutal fear of tiny, harmless creatures with 8 legs. The other day I was in my basement doing laundry during the first real rain of spring. I was bent over shoving clothes (far too many clothes, never ending clothes, save me from the clothes, S.O.S.) into the front loading machine and when I was done, I rose to catch a glimpse of a ball of blackness on the wall. That was enough. “Fucking shit on a stick! Motherfucker! Goddamnit, JESUS, you asshole!” I screamed, obviously no holy, as I bolted from the room, not even confirming that I saw what I thought I saw. “GODLESS DAD! COME HERE! NOW!” I continued my raving. When my husband turned the corner finally, he simply asked, “How big is it?”. In my defence, he took one look at it and asked how the fuck a horse got in our basement.

The point is, the spiders that frequent our house are giant house spiders, which are harmless. I can rationalize this in my head. I can think about it logically, “Godless Mom, why are you afraid of them, they won’t hurt you?”, “They are more afraid of you than you are of them”. I say these things to myself all the time and I fully believe them, but then one surprises me again in the shower and it’s all out fucking domestic war. You better believe Momma’s gonna get a bruise on her head from flying out of the shower, slipping on the floor and knocking herself the fuck out. It makes zero sense, and yet, it is the truth.

Hunstman SPiders

A loving god made this?

A quick, humourous, GM aside: Knowing how arachnophobic Godless Mom is, becomes even more hilarious with the fact that I lived for two years in Australia. My house in Adelaide was infested with huntsman spiders to the point that my parents could not sleep without knocking themselves out cold with wine. Our living room had one glass wall facing our backyard which was not a lovely lawn and patio. Nope. It was, instead, a mini jungle. Just a mess of tropical plants, palms and shrubbery. So every night, we sat in our living room and watched as the huntsman crawled up the outside of the window. Some nights there would be 8 or 9 of them. These fuckers were so big they could run for Governor of California. When they were outside our front door and we had to go somewhere, we had our 6 year old neighbour named Louise on speed dial. She would come over, flick them off the wall with her bare fingers, and step on them with an audible crunch wearing nothing but a little pink flip-flop. Somehow, some way, Godless Mom survived that house of horrors.

So, how do we explain this logically, since it is so illogical? Well, that’s easy. Arachnophobia is widely accepted as left over from a time when spiders were a true threat to our lives. There are, obviously still some life-threatening spiders but we now have many more ways to defend ourselves from those threats and the fear is all but obsolete. It had a purpose at one point in time, to protect us, on an instinctual level, from being killed by a venomous spider. The threat is no longer as concerning, but the instinctual fear remains in many of us. I would do about anything to not be one of those people, but fucking goddammit (no holy) I am.

How does this apply to love then you ask? Specifically, how does it apply to loving people who may treat us like shit? To understand the reason for this, we have to understand the reason for love in the first place. Love is an instinctual mechanism to link two of our species together for the increased odds of survival. A mother loves her offspring because if she didn’t, and walked away, they would perish. The loving bond created between the two, tries to ensure that this mutually-beneficial pairing doesn’t break before the child can handle life on it’s own. The love for a mate is similar in that the pairing will give their offspring a higher chance of survivability. One parent can be the breadwinner, and the other the child rearer. It’s much more effective than one parent doing both alone, as we can certainly see all around us in the struggles single parents deal with.

Now, again, this is on an instinctual level and can manifest itself in many different ways and it does manifest itself in different ways. But love’s source can always be boiled down to instinct which came from necessity. Of course, this is just one explanation and there is no consensus as of yet on the source of love, which means simply that this is something we don’t fully understand yet.

This doesn’t mean we should jump to god as the explanation. Not all things can be explained logically at the moment, but that simply means that science hasn’t gotten that far yet. For instance, we do not know the size of the Universe. Some say it could be infinite, but we simply do not know because we do not have the tools to measure it yet. That doesn’t mean that it’s illogical and cannot be explained or knowable. It just means we have not figured it out yet. There was a time when the size of the earth was not known. Currently being unable to explain something logically, does not mean we will never be able to explain it logically.

It is an awfully far reach to say, “we don’t know, therefore god”. It’s actually pretty fucking insane to say that considering the sheer amount of shit we didn’t know in the past that we can fully and easily explain now. If you haven’t seen enough explained in our world to know that this god of the gaps argument is bordering on mental illness, then there is simply no debating with you. You’re an illiterate, impercipient fool who will soon be forgotten.

What’s your take on the god of the gaps argument? And do you believe everything can be explained logically, eventually?

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  • David Hughes

    What you are saying is statement of the obvious to already converted like me. My guess is the morons who issue the threats and abuse are so blinded by there fear and hatred of things they don’t understand and there terror of peer pressure within the own world of bigotry and intolerance that none of your words even registar. I think that’s the longest speech I’ve ever made, I feel better for it.
    Shit, just spotted a couple of grammatical errors. Not doing all that again.
    Anyway, you have my support 100%
    Good luck keep the faith!

  • “One parent can be the breadwinner, and the other the child rearer.”

    One only needs to look at the poor, but noble, octopus to see how bad being a single parent could be. She had two choices, either spend 100% of her time looking after and fending for her offspring, or leave them for a time to the mercy of predators. Noble momma ‘pus, all those years ago, chooses option 1. Momma ‘pus stays with her babies through thick and thin, to and past the point of her own expiration. She protects them constantly, looks after them constantly, while daddy ‘pus is out with other chica getting his freak on (or maybe sitting on a rock showing off that he cannot be seen… daddy ‘pus is smart but he might not be capable of the realization that one cannot show off when one cannot be seen).

    While there are good evolutionary pressures for a being that has a normal have 1 baby to have help, momma ‘pus has a large numbers of babies. She can give up everything for them because the more of them that survive, the more of her genes are passed on. Momma and dada homo sapiens don’t spawn as many gene carriers in one spurt, so they have to, by necessity, pool resources so both can survive the experience and try to have more babies to increase the odds of their genes propagating.

    The likelihood of them pooling resources is vastly increased by the capacity to, and predisposition to, love each other.

    Love is so easy to explain via evolution. How one can even attempt to explain it via a wrathful, jealous, callous, bastard of a god, without one’s head exploding with cognitive dissonance, I can’t imagine!

    • it is easily explained, and the answer may not be all warm and fuzzy, but when is it ever? love mama’pus!

  • Religious people have a bad tendency to leap to violence or insults when they have no rational point to make.

    • Agreed. Btw, browsed your site. Magnificent.

  • This is my first visit to your blog. My first impression, upon seeing your pink upside down cross wasOh, my Jesus!

    I totally respect your opinion; and I did read your entire post. Love the sarcasm and wit. While I don’t agree with everything here, that’s why it’s called an opinion coz everyone has one.

    Do I believe in god? Yes, I believe in god because I can feel him. I do not feel a need to defend my opinion; it just is. If I’m wrong, who cares. It’s no skin off anyone else’s back. We both love the color pink and I’d much rather relate on that.

  • DonDosDeEstos

    I liked your article, but my thought on love is a little simpler. Love is bullshit, doesn’t exist, and just sits besides a bunch of other things that we imagine to be real. Like compassion, or fittingly, that we are all God’s special little fellas, sitting in the exact middle of his creation. Just because the word exists, doesn’t make it a reality. We (humans) like to exaggerate our situations and emotions to deity-ish levels whenever we can, because it’s more interesting and feeds the emotional transactionalism that drives most of our “thinking.” I’m not trying to sound like a holier-than-thou robot, I think our existence (especially in modern first world countries) is near miraculous and I am grateful every day for where and when I came to be, but the talk of love has got to stop. The term is so ambiguous as to be almost meaningless, but it’s just such a darn attractive concept. We care for things, often deeply. That’s it.

    • I think love is caring about something deeply. i love the phrase, god’s special little fellas. that should be a band name.

  • Andrew Royle

    Just discovered your site through stumbleupon, and I love it … however…
    I don’t want to seem nit-picky, but did you really live in Adelaide and have “…tropical plants,[and] palms…”? REALLY??
    Do you now live in Alaska surrounded by coconut trees?
    On a slightly more relevant line, if “loving the people who hurt us” is so completely irrational, what does that say about worshiping an entity who also demands to be feared, who will never forgive us for the transgressions of an alleged ancestor and who supposedly gave us free will and condemns us for using it?
    I’ve always thought the relationship between god and worshiper was one of the most abusive co-dependencies in the history of abnormal psychology.

    • we did actually have tropical plants and palms in our backyard. not everyone’s backyard is populated by the native plants of the area. sometimes people plant things that they want, as opposed to what the environment dictates. The yard had, in particular, hibiscus and bird of paradise in and amongst dense palms. I have some pictures somewhere if you need them.

  • Another Oz Atheist

    Other species also exhibit what we can call love and grief. See how elephants care for each other and how they can grieve for days after a parent/child/sibling died. Same with the apes. My simplified reckoning says it is just electrochemical processes in the brain which results in other hormones being released.

    Speaking about Oz, apparently when the first white explorers arrived here, they heard the laughing kookaburras in the woods (without seeing them) and immediately assumed spirits! So there is the cannot explain it, must be god phenomenon well and truly in action.

    I’ve caught many huntsmen the size of the one in the photo and released them outside. Sometimes I leave them in the house for weeks while they migrate from room to room. Their favourite place is above the bed where my exhaled CO2 attracts mozzies. None of them has dropped on my head (yet) I’m 20% phobic and won’t handle them, but catch them in a plastic container. The funnel-web spiders are very venomous and they like Sydney backyards. Their venom works well on primates, how lucky are we that god designed it specially for us!

  • The “then how do you explain X” questions are the stupidest, if you ask me, even if they’re phrased well. The question assumes that the atheist must know everything and be able to explain everything, or otherwise throw in the towel and admit to some specific god. It’s a false restriction to two choices and ignores the big third choice: “I don’t know”, which is perfectly valid.

    • Those types of questions are frustrating and dishonest. I get them so often. sigh.