How Do You Talk To An Atheist?

What Dennis hopes for.

What Dennis hopes for.

It wouldn’t be a day in my life if I was not exposed to some lobotomy patient’s weak-ass straw man about what atheists are all about. It’s the same old shit, day in and day out and, honestly, it gets older than Keith Richards cryogenically frozen long enough to listen to his own music on Mars. “Atheists have no morals”, “atheists have no awe”, “atheists have no wonder”. Blah-biddy-fucking-blah blah blah. Ladies and meat wands, meet Dennis Booth, who is no different from the rest of Nurse Ratchet’s patients, except that he manages to blog on a regular basis without his drool trough getting in the way.

In his post entitled, How Do You Talk To An Atheist?, Dennis the faithful menace says,

atheists have no way to describe what happens when they die….except more often than not the word “nothing”.

Alright, let’s play a little game, George. It’s called: Let’s Pretend The Bible Taught You Honesty. So, I’ll go first. When asked what I think happens after we die, remembering we shouldn’t lie, exaggerate or tell tales, I can only say I don’t entirely know. Now you try: What do you know happens after we die? With certainty? Remember! We’re acting as though your silly book of fables gave you enough morality to answer honestly! If you’re playing our little game by the rules, Steve, your answer is the same as mine. You don’t know what happens after we die, outside of the fact that our bodies cease to be animated and we rot.

Atheists prefer to leave it at what we know. Theists prefer to make fluffy shit up so the world seems less cruel. I remember what it was like to prefer stories over the real world. Thankfully, I then turned seven.

It’s not that we have no way to describe what happens after we die. It’s that we don’t know. You don’t know either, Jason, but you prefer to lie about it.

Christians on the other hand will believe they go to the afterlife (heaven hopefully) or want to believe that will happen.
In other words one has hope and the other does not use the word at all.

Oh, Larry. I find it hard to believe you weren’t embarrassed at all writing these lines. With these words, you’ve admitted that your hope, in it’s entirety, is tied up in death. You’re freely offering us the offputting information that there is no hope in anything but death. Do you see? Do you see, Shawn, how utterly morbid that is? I mean, it’s no wonder you theists are so… well, so crusted over with misery and anger. You have no use for your own life. You just want death. Ugh.




Not only do I use the word hope plenty, but I have a lot of hope. The difference, Karl honey, is that my hope is all tied up in life. This life. The only life we know we have… if we’re being honest.

Why? Well more often than not atheists believe the Bible and therefore all that is in it including God and Jesus is myth and nothing more.

Scott, you’ve lost me. The very thing that makes me an atheist is the fact that I don’t believe your silly book. You’re asserting, in the very same sentence, that we both believe it and think it’s myth. Dave, did you let Jesus take the wheel, again?

Their mindset has been attuned to the words of some scientists, to evolutionists, and to their perception of why there cannot be a God and a Jesus.

How do you explain atheist kids, then, Tom? You know, the little sort who’ve never read a science journal in their lives? They just simply don’t believe in a god. Some, like me when I was small, had no idea what god even meant beyond what you shout when you stub your toe. Was my lack of belief back then wrapped up in what the science men say? Curious as well, Cletus, is how you’ve written this all with the use of a computer, electricity and an internet connection. It appears you’ve got yourself all knotted up in what the science man says, too!

Well firstly many scientists today do believe in God and so do many doctors and surgeons and if I had more space I would name a number of them.

Yep. Perhaps that helps you to see how irrelevant what scientists say about god is to my lack of belief. Whether a dude in a lab coat says there is a god or there is not, it has no bearing on my own personal beliefs… unless, of course, along with their assertion, they presented the evidence required to back it up.

The theory of evolution though has the belief that everything evolved over a period of time from some micro-organism.
This is where I like to have a discussion because if that is what they believe the end of the discussion is “who then made the micro-organism in the first place?”
Back to our little game, Jack. Using your Biblical honesty, you don’t know any better than I do. You have your preferred fairy story to explain it, and I prefer to say the truth: we don’t know. We don’t even know that it was “made”.
But the greatest attribute a Christian can have is not only his/her belief and faith but the knowledge that one day when the pass away they will be re-united with loved ones and quite frankly if you hold on to that nothing will sway you against any argument an atheist puts up.
Well, Manny, you’ve illustrated the problem with faith for me perfectly: no matter what evidence is provided for you, will never change your mind. I will happily change my mind with evidence, but you have locked yours closed and no new information is getting inside that sucker. Good job, there, Vladimir! You’ve freely admitted you’re a closed-minded ignoramus who’s going through the motions, sittin’ in pews and chewing on Jeeby, just hoping for your own death.
I prefer Jesus’ version of hope at the end than that of the atheist….how about you?
Let’s go over the choices again, Jody. Your version of hope is where you spend the one life you know for sure that you have, hoping for that life to end. Your hope begins and ends with you and your own experiences. It’s a selfish, morbid hope that can only be fulfilled once your earthly body has ceased to function.
My version of hope, on the other hand, has many different branches – my hope for the world, my hope for my kids, my hope for the human species as a whole. The many hopes I have are for the living, breathing people on our planet, and each and every species we share it with. My hope goes beyond my own death, but it stays here, on Earth, in reality. I hope our world gets better well after I am dead and gone. I hope my grandkids and great grandkids and great, great grandkids will live long, happy, healthy fulfilling lives. I hope technology advances, wars are eliminated and truth is valued by every last human on earth.
I have hope, Dennis. Indeed, I even have hope that one day you will see how dishonest, rude and bigoted what you’ve said here about atheists is. It may be one of my less realistic hopes, but I hope for it anyway.
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