Hire Me


Yeah, that’s right. Now you can get your favourite godless blogger to write something for you. As a freelance writer by day, Godless Mom has written just about everything under the sun, from web site copy to Mission Statements to articles, press releases, RFPs and resumes, to ghost-writing novels and letters and poems, oh my!

While my style of writing on Godlessmom.com is that of a headstrong teenager with an axe to grind, I can and have written objective, informative articles and other copy that has been published in many periodicals and used by many small businesses and corporations. I can be business and I can be fun and I can be everything in between.

Aside from writing, I also do:

  • Web Design – 15 years of experience, much of it with WordPress.
  • Graphic Design – All the memes here and the graphics on my site are my own work.
  • Social media marketing consulting – 12 years experience, including running giveaways, and all the major social networks.
  • Amateur video editing – this video is a good example of my work.


If you’re interested in hiring me for any of these things, just drop me a quick line at mommy@godlessmom.com