Here’s a Thing So Many Of You Do, And You Need To Stop

StopIt never fucking fails. Every time some globally horrifying event takes place, like the recent instances of cop-on-black-man violence, or the Nice attack, people start piping up with their favourite reasons why.

“It’s Islam!”

“It’s racism!”

“It’s American foreign aggression!”

“It’s a lack of gun control!”

They’re sure they know what caused this tragedy, and they won’t hear any other possible causes.

Take, for example, the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. While I wholeheartedly agree that racism plays a big role in violence like this, I hardly think it’s the sole cause. We have racism in Canada – a ton of it, but cops aren’t pulling over black men or aboriginal men and just recklessly shooting them. They’re throwing them in prison, that’s for sure, but not shooting them. They’re not killing minorities here. There’s racism in the U.K. and cops aren’t shooting the minorities they interact with. There is racism everywhere, and only in the U.S. is that racism translating into so many deaths we can’t even count them. Why? Why is it? Is it that there could be other forces, added to the apparent racism, at play?

Of course, I suggest this at great risk of a loud and unending backlash much like that time I liked an interview, because to suggest that anything other than racism played a part in these killings, clearly means I am a racist.

I believe these killings were the result of racism, yes. But I also believe the gun culture in the U.S. played a part. I think economic woes are partially to blame, and the militarization of the police in the U.S. is also a contributor. I think this problem is far more complex than just being caused by racism, though I know that racism played a large part.

In Nice, Islamic terrorists claimed responsibility for an attack that killed 80 people yesterday. Of course irrational belief in a God that will reward such action is partially to blame, but to suggest this is the only cause is childishly naive. A number of forces have come together to create this powder keg situation, including, but not limited to, fundamentalist religious belief.

If you’ve followed along with my blog here for a while, you know few things piss me off more than the regressive left insisting attacks like the one in Nice have, “nothing to do with Islam”. Likewise, it pisses me off that those who recognize Islam as a contributor to such violence, insist it is the sole cause. I see Islam as a huge factor in events like this, but I also see some aspects of immigration as a cause. I see a lack of integration as a cause, nationalism is a cause, racism, economics and power-seeking all lead to this bullshit, too. It’s not just one cause, it’s a perfect, motley storm of causes swirling above us, ready to strike at any time.

These problems are brought to us through many different forces, some more powerful than others. To deny any one cause, is to not really want the problem to get better. We desperately need, for the sake of potential lives lost in the future, to recognize everything that leads to these events. Everything. We need to see all the causes. We need to be rational and realize that fixing just one thing may improve the situation slightly, but working towards fixing all the factors that lead to this heinous violence, will reduce the frequency we see it by so much more.

Be reasonable. Be rational. Emotions are not where we should be deriving facts. Calm the fuck down and look at this with wide eyes and an open mind. Realize that a social phenomenon that is caused by just one thing, is about as real as Jesus’ resurrection. They don’t exist outside of television and film. You cannot simply save the cheerleader, save the world out here in reality. No, human interaction is far, far more complex than that and it deserves to be looked at as such.

So, when someone suggests that perhaps your favourite issue is a cause, just not the sole cause, of a recent event, hear them out. Don’t jump on them for reducing the importance of your pet issue. That’s not what they’re trying to do. If you truly believe that the one issue you care most about, is the sole cause in all this bullshit, then you’re the unreasonable one. Not the people who are willing to consider all angles.

It’s time to get serious about this shit, because I am so fucking sick of all this senseless violence. It’s time we get past our own, personal hang-ups and look at it all with logic. Pack your baggage away and open your fucking eyes. The world is not black and white. There are infinite shades of grey in between that demand to be seen and acknowledged. Acknowledge them. Acknowledge them all, so we can work on fixing them all, and maybe, just fucking maybe, we can save a life or two.

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