Guest Post: Dear Anti-Gay Bigots, You’re Wrong

GM is helping Godless Dad at work this week and will be posting guest posts until next week. If you want to see yours posted this week, click here to submit it. This is a guest post from Akorita Isaiah. Akorita Isaiah is an atheist who lives in Nigeria. He is interested in secularism and is against to all of forms of human rights abuse. You can follow him at: @akoritaisaiah.

Rainbow flagAt a time in History, it was considered outrageous to even contemplate the fact that the black man was equal to the white man. The racists had the law and the holy books on their side but they were wrong. Slavery was declared illegal and the black was declared equal to the white man by law. The bigots fought hard, they cried foul, they raged and thundered, they quoted their holy books to show how it was unlawful, they even went to war. But the march of civilisation has always moved forward and at that time it was already at the doorstep of slavery. There was no stopping it. Your holy books didn’t work. Your gods didn’t do shit and you lost; because you were wrong.

At another point in history, it became time for the woman to be allowed to vote, and as usual, the bigots ‘hemmed’ and ‘hawed’, they went back to their holy books to show how the woman was ineligible to be on the same footing as the man. But they were wrong. The time had come and there was no stopping the march of civilisation.

“There is no stopping an idea whose time has come.”

When the time came for us to abandon the idea that leadership was a Divinely preordained affair, we abandoned the Monarchy and embraced Democracy.

When the time came to recognise that Holy Books are insufficient to determine how a society should be run, we designed people–oriented constitutions that depended on Reason, Empathy and recognition of our shared Humanity.

Now, the time has come to recognise that Homosexuals have and are entitled to the same rights as you and as usual, you will scream and curse, you will call down the wrath of your imaginary friends, you will quote your Holy Books and as usual, the match of civilisation will not halt for your bigotry. You have always been wrong and today you are still wrong.

Dear bigot, you are on the wrong side of history. Marriage Equality has come to stay. Your gods have no say, your temper tantrums have no weight and again, you have lost. You have 2 choices: You can either become reasonable or remain in the back seat of the train of civilisation. Either way, the world is not going to bow down to your bigotry. Not anymore.

This was a guest post from Akorita Isaiah. Akorita Isaiah is an atheist who lives in Nigeria. He is interested in secularism and is against to all of forms of human rights abuse. You can follow him at: @akoritaisaiah.
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  • Bad Girl Bex

    “There is no stopping an idea whose time has come.” Very powerful post! And very eloquently put. It’s hard to try and imagine a time when we as a race (the human race) will look back upon these times and wonder what the hell we were doing, treating our fellow humans in such a disgraceful fashion, when there are still so many battles being waged in the name of human rights the world over. But this post is a great and positive reminder that change does happen and change will come. The sooner the better!

    (You’ve got some great guest bloggers on here GM!)


  • Virtual Atheist

    You can kill the man, you cannot kill an good idea. It is an insidious thing and will survive the worst that the religious, bigoted and corrupt can throw at it.

    If you hear of a good idea, simply pass it on and infect every mind you meet.

    Eventually, it will be an epidemic… And then it is accepted as normal.

    • Fucking right.

    • Sodom AmeriKa

      How can something that does NOT function or succeed as the act/behavior that it is counterfeiting be considered “normal”?
      So illogical.

      • Andrew Hobson

        You’re still a cunt 😊

        • Sodom AmeriKa

          Yeah, that makes sense. Loser.

  • Oh Yeah! i saw that. It was so powerful!

  • Sodom AmeriKa

    As soon as a person tries to link the CHOSEN DYSFUNCTIONAL BEHAVIOR of homosex to that of a racial trait you know for sure you are dealing with a complete and utter moron.

    Sorry. Idiot. My children will NOT be taught that a filthy FIST or FECES sex organ substituted perverse sex act (that is no more proper than having sex with dogs) is “EQUAL” to that of a Man + Woman = Family functional unit.
    My four children know that homosex if filthy and that ALL homosexuals are pedophiles and need to be shunned.

    Damn this nations needs some more tragedies for a wake up call. Then social justice snowflakes like you will no longer be listened to.

    • Andrew Hobson

      You… are a stupid cunt #JustSayin