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***URGENT : Right now we desperately need a larger human rights organization to take this on. We don’t have the experience, expertise or resources to do this by ourselves. If you are a rep from an organization willing to look into this, please contact me:

If you cannot help in this manner, click here to find tweets and a petition that you can share to help.

A man is in danger of being killed in Nigeria for leaving Islam.

He was beaten, drugged and now he is locked up without any sign of being released.

As you can see, Mubarak was able to contact many of the people he had been engaged with on Twitter for the past few months and ask for help.

He is an atheist, in custody, in a state under sharia law. He fears he will be killed. We had to help him.

This story has been covered in the BBC, ABC, Associated Press, Vice, The Guardian, The independent, and many more places. We were able to get the world’s eyes on it. But now, we absolutely need help to get him out of Kano.

We do not have the experience or resources to do this on our own.

With your help, we think we can free him.

What we need:

1. Lawyers (preferably human rights lawyers or lawyers with experience in human rights cases)
2. Doctors/Psychologists willing to give their opinion on Mubarak’s condition.
3. Volunteers on the ground in Nigeria willing to fact check.
4. Anything else you have to offer, no matter how small.

What we want for Mubarak:

1. We want him discharged from the hospital.
2. If they are unwilling to release him from the hospital, we want a second diagnosis from a secular doctor.
3. He needs transportation to the southern part of Nigeria.
4. He will need accommodation in the South somewhere.

Mubarak has been nothing but grateful and apologetic about asking us for help. Please consider helping him.


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  • Has there been any further progress? Is he okay?

  • David Hughes

    If you Christians really love your fellow humans, lend your support to freeing an honest man, in danger of being murdered for his peaceful beliefs.
    Let’s see what you’re made of.

  • Dalina Malo

    People with so called “faith” nowadays kills more people than atheist has ever done!
    True love comes in a way of understanding and accepting. Wich people with “faith” has neither to a healthy society.

    If you act like a donkey then don’t expect people to treat you otherwise!
    /Dalina Malo – full grown athiest

  • Matt Kurowski

    I would like to participate by signing a petition. Please let me know how I can do this or help in any other way