Follow Friday: When Bullying Backfires

Ok, so aside from your usual baby bake and sacrifice, what are your plans for this weekend, heathens? I, myself, have been travelling a ton lately, so I am going to sit on my couch and do sweet, fancy, fuck all. It’s going to be glorious, my little blasphemers. Of this, I am sure.

While I’m sitting around on my ass, I thought I’d catch up with some of my favourite internet people, and get to know some new ones better. Here are a few you should check out, too:

Atheist World – soon to be a guest on our podcast, Common Heathens, Atheist World is a prolific tweeter and debater. Following her will deliver lots of thoughtful and hilarious memes right to your Twitter feed and you’ll be able to watch her crush theist apologists 140 characters at a time. Follow Atheist World: @AtheistWorld

Next, here’s Roaming Millennial, a Youtuber whose channel recently made news when logic-challenged MTV host, Laci Green decided bullying could be her thing. In a pathetic attempt to silence a differing opinion from her own, Laci Green reported soft-spoken, uber-intelligent Roaming Millennial for using Green’s face in a thumbnail of one of her videos. Poor Laci. That backfired worse than the GOP’s choice of candidate. Philly D caught wind of what was going on, stood up for the much smaller YouTube channel, and pointed out that Laci herself had oodles of videos with other people’s likeness in the thumbnail. Instead of admitting she made a mistake, though, the jolly Green giant doubled down and called Philly D an “alt right asshole” and accused him of starting YouTube drama. In the meantime, Roaming Millennial’s video remains up, and she’s drawn in a ton more subscribers and views, because not only is she well within fair use rules, she’s also an extremely intelligent YouTuber with well thought-out videos that make very clear and awesome points.

Thank you Laci, for drawing attention to Roaming Millennial and introducing me to a great, new YouTuber! Go sub to Roaming Millennial:

Finally, I think you should probably go like the Facebook page, Pissing Off The Religious Right. On this page, you’ll find timely news regarding religion, as well as a ton of thought-provoking memes to help get you uninvited to Christmas dinner. Check it out: Pissing Off The Religious Right.

If you want to be featured on Follow Friday, let me know: Have a great weekend, infidels!

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