Follow Friday: Lemons, Pigs and Pics

You know what the best thing about Friday is, infidels? It’s the fact that I get to rummage through all of your hard work and highlight some of it. I fucking love the shit you do. Here is some of my favourite stuff I’d love for you to check out this week:

Lee Lemon – Don’t let the fact that she could probably kick all of our asses intimidate you. She’s kind, rational, smart and her videos are perfectly to the point. Here’s a recent one I loved:

Sub to Lee Lemon here: Lee Lemon

Atheist Pig – If you love comic strips, this one is for you! Check this out:

Atheist Pig

You can follow the Atheist Pig on Twitter: @TheAtheistPIg and check out the web site for more funnies:

Also, I would love it if you followed our very own Mr. Oz Atheist’s photography biz. As he has already mentioned, he recently found himself out of work. Instead of descending into despair, though, our inspirational friend decided that he was going to tackle a long-standing dream: he was going to be a professional photographer. In the short amount of time since then, he’s managed to get hired for several jobs, expanded his skill set and even created a breathtakingly beautiful calendar:

Badrock Calendar

You can follow him at: @BadrockPhoto and you can support him following his dream by grabbing one of his gorgeous calendars here: 2017 Calendar

Happy Friday unbelievers! If you want to be part of Follow Friday, send me a note:

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