Follow Friday: Girls, Guns & Engineers

Atheist GirlI want to wish a very happy Friday to all the evil, hellbound heathens out there. Don’t forget to blow the candles out after your sacrificial rituals tonight, and baste all your roast babies top down for a crispier skin. When you’re flipping your final bird of the day at the big guy in the sky, remember, Mommy loves you.

With the pleasantries out of the way, and before I crack another breakfast beer, like heathens do, I wanted you all to follow some awesome people.


First, I want you to check out Atheist Girl, if you haven’t already. She’s pretty much everywhere and if you’ve missed her, I can only assume you’re a member of one of those jungle tribes in the Amazon that have never seen a smartphone before. Nonetheless, I feel the need to bring her to your attention because she does awesome shit. She’s a memeaholic like myself, she debates endlessly on Twitter and it’s great to watch, and she seems to work as hard as the best of us at trying to keep this conversation out in the open. Here are my favourite places to follow her:

Twitter: @iamatheistgirl
Instagram: @iamatheistgirl
Pinterest: Atheist Girl

Following her will fill your soulless heart!

Another person I really think you should follow is Chris Ray Gun. While he doesn’t specifically focus on atheism, he does talk about issues that interest me, such as free speech, Islam, LGBT issues, etc. and he does so with a sense of humour that makes it near impossible to eat my lunch while watching. He’s a Youtuber who also talks a lot about gaming, which really isn’t in my wheelhouse, but I still find it interesting, eye opening and hilarious to watch. He’s almost as goofy as I am, and it really seems to work well for a lot of the topics he covers. You know, mostly because a lot of the shit we find ourselves arguing about these days is asinine to begin with. Whether you agree with him or not, I would hope you at least find his humour entertaining. And if you don’t agree with him, well, follow him to challenge the things he says! Here’s a great video to start:

You can find Chris on YouTube here: Chris Ray Gun

Before I leave to paint a pentagram in blood (what? You try sacrificing kittens without the protection of the dark lord!), I want you to check out one more fella. He’s an engineer and godless and probably gnaws on at least a few babies a week. Godless Engineer also debates quite a bit on twitter, knocking down strawmen and poking holes in faith like nobody’s business. You can follow him on Twitter: @AtheistEngineer

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