Follow Friday: Atheist World, Amadeus & Agent of Doubt

Amadeus AlmightyHappy Friday, Fuckers!

This week I want you to follow Atheist World on Twitter because this account shares a lot of thought-provoking and giggle-inducing memes and also engages in some good debates. Check it out: @AtheistWorld

You also need to check out Amadeus Almighty on Periscope. Most of you might know him from his frequent debates on Twitter, but did you know he’s know quite active on Periscope? Indeed, he goes live several times daily and tackles tough issues like Islam and racism and more. Check him out on Periscope: Amadeus Almighty

Finally, a Youtuber I really enjoy watching for his reasoned discussions on hot topics. Subjects that usually have people swearing while spittle flies from their lashing tongues are covered on Agent of Doubt’s channel with clarity, thoughtfulness and reason. Here’s a taste:

Sub to his channel by clicking here.

Follow and sub to these people and then grab yourself a cold one and enjoy your Friday. Mommy loves you.

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