Follow Friday: Anger, Allies & Quotes

It’s Friday! I’m pretty sure it arrived late, but it’s finally here and I can already taste those icy cold hops I’ll be sipping lakeside tonight. Here’s hoping all of you awesome heathens have just as heavenly plans this weekend and all your drinks are cold, all your eggs hatch Dragonites and none of you have to sit through a morbid sermon in a pew full of zombies.

This week I want you to check out a YouTube channel that just doesn’t have enough subs, if you ask me. The Angry Atheist puts together chuckle-worthy videos that are really well done, and he deserves your support. Here’s his latest:

Please give him a sub. Click here.

This week, I got a copy of Secular World in which I was published.

Secular World

I was pretty excited to see my name in that fantastic magazine, which is put out by Atheist Alliance. Atheist Alliance does a lot of great things for atheists around the world, from advocacy to community building & education. They are an organization that absolutely deserves your follow. They are on Twitter: @atheistalliance

Finally, here’s a Facebook page that has drawn in lots of fans because they’re doing really great work. They share top notch content of interest to atheists every day. The page is called Atheist Quotes of the Day and you can give the page a like by clicking here.

Check out these awesome content creators and have a great weekend, heathens!

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