It’s been a goddamned week (no holy) and I’ve already had more questions than I can answer individually. So, I’m going to compile a list of those questions and answer them so you can read them here. Please note, I said I would answer them. I didn’t promise I was going to be nice about it. Of course, feel free to ask anyway. I won’t bite. Well, maybe a tiny bit.

  1. Are you religious? Um. No.
  2. What do you identify as? An atheist. Hence, “Godless”.
  3. What’s an atheist? Someone who lacks belief in a god or any other sort of deity.
  4. Why are you an atheist? Because there is no evidence to support the existence of a god.
  5. Isn’t the bible evidence? No. It’s a book. If I took every book literally, I’d vacation in Mordor every spring.
  6. But it’s widely accepted that the bible is true. Yes, by religious people who believe it is true. It was, at one point, widely accepted that the Earth was flat. Crowds agreeing is not evidence.
  7. Have you even read the bible? Yes. Probably more than you have.
  8. Do you have religious friends? Yes.
  9. What do your religious friends think of godlessmom.com? They don’t know. I don’t think. If they do, they don’t care, just like I don’t care that they are religious.
  10. Why haven’t you told them about it? Are you suggesting I “spread the good word”? Nah, that ain’t my style. They believe what they believe and they are entitled to that. I don’t need to flaunt my atheism in their faces.
  11. Aren’t you flaunting your atheism on your blog to strangers? It’s aimed at other atheists. If religious people end up here, it is by their own choosing. Including my religious friends, if they end up here.
  12. Do your religious friends know you are an atheist? I’ve never actually used the term ‘atheist’ with them, but they know I am not religious and not once have they ever tried to change that.
  13. Why are you so blasphemous and use such harsh language toward religion? It’s how I write. I am a professional writer and my style is like Doug Stanhope getting a rim job from Jack Kerouac. No one’s forcing you to read.
  14. Why do you add “(no holy)” to some of the things you say? It’s my way of taking back and belittling the use of “no homo” by homophobes everywhere. It means that when I say stuff like, “good god” or “god’s green earth” I am not actually referring to a deity or any belief; that I have just used the god-injected phrase as a figure of speech and nothing more.
  15. Have you ever been religious? No.
  16. Are your parents religious? God no. No holy.
  17. Were your parents parents religious? My maternal grandparents believed in god and went to church on occasion but it was never super prominent in their lives. My Dad’s parents were atheists. In fact, we go back to Anne Hutchinson, who rebelled against the Puritans and was banished from Massachusetts Bay. She was very religious, but that rebellion against a religious hive-mind is a tale passed down by my ancestors, and each time it was told, we stepped further and further from religion all the way to godlessmom.com
  18. Do you/have you ever celebrated Christmas, Easter and other religious holidays? Yes. Every year. For my family, these holidays are about tradition and family, not Jesus.
  19. How old are you? 37
  20. What do you do for a living? I’m a writer. Mostly copywriting.
  21. What town do you live in? Nuh-uh. You could probably figure it out if you tried hard enough, but I’m not going to hand that shit to you on a silver platter.
  22. How many kids do you have? 1 biological son and 1 stepdaughter.
  23. How old are they? 6 and 12 respectively.
  24. Are you raising them atheist? My stepdaughter is only with us for weekends and holidays, so it is not my decision with regards to her, but as far as my son goes, yes. I am raising him to think critically.
  25. If your son or stepdaughter turns out to be religious, what would you do? Accept and love them, like all parents are supposed to do with their children.
  26. You wouldn’t be disappointed if your kids turned out religious? No. I understand why people are religious.
  27. Where have you traveled? I lived in Australia (Perth & Adelaide), and Mexico (Playa Del Carmen) for two years each. I have traveled the South Pacific, Asia and everything in between. My son was born in Mexico.
  28. So, do you speak Spanish? Yeah, but not well.
  29. Did you go to post-secondary school? Yes.
  30. What did you study? Anthropology and creative writing. The idea was, I was going to either be a writer or an archaeologist.  Archaeology, turns out, is like 90% report writing. I just wanted to dig, man.
  31. Do you have any pets? Yeah, a 13 year old rescue German shepherd/rotty/husky/lab ish type guy who never stops shedding. He’s my ol’ man. Been by my side for 12 years.
  32. Why is the cross sideways in your web site’s logo? I hope this answers your question:


  33. So, you oppose the death penalty, then? Of course, I am a woman of deep, rock solid moral convictions. Killing people is wrong. I have been an activist against the death penalty for many years.
  34. If you don’t believe in god, how can your life have purpose? Well, the question itself is not a logical one, because you have to be religious to think that purpose is tied to a creator. My purpose is to be a great mom, teach my kids good values and guide them to adulthood. I also would like to publish a book or two. I’d like to leave the world a better place than I entered it.
  35. Do you support same-sex marriage? You mean, do I support love? Fuck yes. With devoted and unending ferocity. Do not get in my way.
  36. Are you straight? I am a heterosexual, yes.
  37. What do you look like? A mom. I think you can spy a small pic of me next to my comments around this here bloggity. You can also follow me on Instagram: godless_mom
  38. What do you do for fun? You’re reading it. Other than writing, I am usually outside doing something. Hiking, swimming, sitting on the beach.
  39. Who is your favourite famous atheist? I would have to say Ricky Gervais for the hilarity factor.
  40. Who is your favourite author? My top 3 are Jack Kerouac, Tom Robbins and Joseph Campbell.
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