Every Atheist Needs: Westworld

westworldIf you’re new here, you may have missed the fact that I am a T.V. nerd. I love the good quality television coming out of my screen these days: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Mr. Robot, etc. I’m always looking for new shows, so when one of my favourite podcasts recommended Westworld, I hopped on that train faster than Jack Kerouac all strung out on bennies.

The podcast is question is, of course, Media Nerds and I only listened last week. As such, I am quite a bit behind watching Westworld. Despite the fact I’m only four episodes in, I am indeed ready to say it:

Holy. Fuck.

So, not only is this an incredibly well-written piece of creative genius, and not only is this well-acted by the like of Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris, but this shit gives you the existential chills… all night long.

“What if we’re all robots?” Is just one of the questions that bounced around my wetware as I lay in bed, wide-eyed and unblinking. Visions of us all being part of some elaborate simulation raised the hairs on my arm. I had strange dreams and couldn’t wait to get to the next episode so I could knock my own perception of reality even further out of whack.

Remember that feeling you got when you first watched Lost? The chills that ran up your arm, the constant questions and theories and the insatiable need to talk it out after each episode? Remember sitting on your couch in your living room long after the episode was over, staring blankly at your wall and finally uttering, “What. the. fuck?”

These were thrills we all shared, and they’re thrills we’ve all chased since then. We tried on Fringe for size but it never even grazed Lost’s level of intrigue and mystery. We attempted Flash Forward but the interest was never there. We watched The Event, but our hopes were once again crushed by a storyline that moved way too fast, and actors who mediocre’d all over it. Ever since that last, awful episode, we have been chasing the Lost dragon and failing all along the way.

Maybe it’s too soon, but I think that maybe Westworld could give us that high once again. I find myself deep in thought about it long after each episode is finished and I am left with more questions than were answered by each episode. Questions about the characters, questions about the plot, and questions about our own existence.

Why does every atheist need this show? Because we love and cherish doubt. We love skepticism. We love to ponder the big questions, and Westworld is going to do all of this for you and more.

Have you watched any Westworld yet? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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