Every Atheist Needs: Shelley Segal

I first came across Shelley on launch day of Atheist TV. She’d made an appearance at the Reason Rally, which was the first thing broadcast on the channel. I listened to this Aussie singer/songwriter get up and belt out lyrics that would make any atheist’s heart swell. I was in love with the music.

Shelley’s tunes are definitely indie/folk sounding tunes, but I love that some of them have a hint of reggae in them. She both plays the guitar and sings on all of her songs, and she’s also credited with writing them all as well. She’s a talent and one that the atheist community should be proud to have amongst its ranks.

My personal favorite song is one she performed at the Reason Rally, which I saw on Atheist TV. It’s called Saved, and the lyrics will very much hit home for you, if you identify as an atheist. Check it out:

Shelley’s latest album is called “An Atheist Album” and it lives up to the title with raw, honest lyrics about leaving religion, questioning faith and criticizing unfounded beliefs. It would be easy to write an album like this, and have it sound preachy, but not Shelley’s. It’s catchy, it’s gorgeous, and you find yourself singing along pretty fucking quickly. I’d be willing to bet, you could play it for a Jeebot and they’d enjoy it until you told them what it was all about.

Another wonderful song from Ms. Segal, is Apocalyptic Love Song which is a tribute to Christopher Hitchens:

So, you know, if that’s not enough to give you the feels, I dunno what will.

Check out all of Shelley’s music on her web site, and buy some tunes! You can find it at www.shelleysegal.com.

Shelley SegalBe sure to follow Shelley on:

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Photo by Eric Haas

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