Every Atheist Needs: The Mythinformed Podcast

Unless you were living under a pew, you’ve noticed this past year has been pockmarked by the controversy surrounding the Mythicist Milwaukee con. Fire was exchanged by the social justice types and the anti-social justice types over whether or not Sargon of Akkad should have been invited to this holy atheist occasion. Should the congregation be able to hear the dangerous ideas of this sharp-tongued contrarian? Even though our delicate atheist ears already could, any time we felt like? Many thought no. They had to get out in front of Sargon to protect the rest of us from being corrupted by his ideas in person. It was a chaotic, nonsensical controversy, but one that gripped our online community, not just causing rifts between former allies, but enormous chasms so vast you couldn’t see where they began nor ended. Friends became enemies, colleagues parted ways, loved ones were shunned.

As the wave of excommunications got terrifyingly close to me, I found myself wondering what the fuck was going on. As someone who has never been religious, the online atheist community was starting to feel religious to me. Before I had time to cut my losses and get the fuck out because I don’t do religion, I realized that there was a whole group of us kind of standing on the sidelines and, like Casper in the dark, soul-smashing movie, Kids, we were wondering what the fuck just happened.

When I was asked by the guys who organized Mythicist Milwaukee to join them on their podcast, I realized that they, too, had no fucking clue what the hell just happened. Like me, they were dumbfounded. I happily said yes.

These guys are fucking awesome. I had an amazing time recording this podcast with them and I could have talked to them for hours longer. They are down to earth, sincere, smart people. You’re going to start with my episode and end up subscribing to the entire podcast.

You know what? They made such a great impression on me, that when the next Mythicist Milwaukee rolls around, I hope to be there. Even if the Atheist clergy tell me I shouldn’t. Here’s my episode:

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