Every Atheist Needs: Dogma Debate

Dogma DebateI have a confession to make. It might be shocking to you, so grab a chair and hang on.

Here goes.


For a very long time, I didn’t listen to any atheism themed podcasts.

Yes, that’s right. I, Godless Mom, didn’t listen to atheist podcasts. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I avoided them. I mean, I spend every day writing about atheism, answering emails about atheism and tweeting about atheism. I make videos about atheism and read books about atheism and post to Reddit about atheism. My life is so saturated with my atheist activism that I thought, maybe I should use the time I listen to podcasts as a sort of break from it.

I listened to true crime podcasts like Sword & Scale and Criminal. I listened to history podcasts like The Memory Palace and This Day In Canadian History. I listened to This American Life and Strangers and Serial. I listened to a ton of podcasts, and none of them had anything to do with atheism.

Until one day, I ran out of podcasts. I was out on a walk, and I’d listened to all my unlistened episodes already. Some of my faves were on a summer break and no new episodes had been released in a while. I was 5km from home with nothing to listen to, do I decided to give Dogma Debate a shot. It wasn’t that I didn’t think it would be good, it was just that I needed a breather from all this godless talk – just to focus on something that wasn’t religion for a little while. But, I pulled up Dogma Debate, tapped play and began to listen.

The episode I’d loaded up was Christian De-Conversion? from July 20th, 2016. Within minutes I was caught up in it, hanging on to every word. The questions David was asking were perfect and I was cheering every time he refused to let his guest veer off topic and away from answering his tough questions. I arrived home shortly after that, with a good hour left on the ‘cast, so I just kept walking. By the time it ended, I’d walked another 10km and was sweating profusely in the now near-afternoon sun.

I fucking loved it! Since then, I have loaded up an episode before every run, every walk or every bout with cleaning house. I really didn’t think I would like an atheist podcast so much, just because I talk about this stuff over and over all day long already – what could they say that I hadn’t already discussed twelve times that day? Apparently, and much to my surprise, the answer to that is: a lot.

I am now a huge Dogma Debate fan and I look forward to it accompanying me on my soon-to-be snowy winter walks and runs, the heat of clashing opinions keeping me warm in sub-zero temps. I hope that one day, Mr. Oz and I can get our podcast, Common Heathens, up to the same level as David Smalley has. It’s not just entertainment for me, it’s an inspiration.

If you haven’t checked out this podcast, or you’ve not picked it up in a while, give it a listen. Check out the episode that sucked me in:

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