Dogma Debate 24 Hour Podcastathon – I’ll Be On It!

Dogma Debate Podcastathon Every day I listen to Dogma Debate as I walk my dog. On the days I don’t have any Dogma Debate left to listen to, I sort of trudge around, mopey. I love Dogma Debate. My favourite episodes are, of course, when David has believers on and they discuss their beliefs, but I will listen to every episode with enthusiasm. I’m a huge fan.

So, when David Smalley asked if I’d be a guest on his 24 hour podcastathon, I think I nearly crapped myself before running around the house screaming. To say this is an honour is to understate how I feel about it. Of course, I said yes.

My fangirling isn’t even the best part of it, though. The best part is being able to do my part to raise funds for a great charity, Modest Needs.

So, be sure to tune in to the podcastathon, which will be streaming live on Facebook here: Dogma Debate.

It starts on Dec. 2nd at 3pm Pacific time and I will be on at 9pm Pacific. Y’know, crapping myself.

So tune in! I hope I don’t sound too much like a bumbling idiot for you guys!

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