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  • Jon

    You should be aware there is some kind of pop-up on your page (with options for facebook, reddit, pinterest, etc.) I tried to read one of your articles, but this pop-up makes this impossible and cannot be closed.

    • thank you so much for letting me know. I have fixed it.

  • Ames

    Hey, just want to say you are a breath of fresh air. I wish I had your courage. Tell me, are you able to stand toe to toe with religious people who insist on barraging you with their views, or are you better at thinking it through and getting it down on paper? I ask this b/c I am not good with confrontation and I think that is why I don’t “go there” when I hear idiocy. I commend you, and it is needed.

    • Thank you 🙂 I am definitely far better spoken when I have time to think about it, and I don’t usually get confronted with religious talk in real life. But when I do, I don’t shy away from a debate.

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  • Manimal

    You are the milf of my wet dreams. Keep doing what you do. Namaste.

  • Vanessa Doadslarther

    Great blog! Did you have any mentors or atheist bloggers who inspired you?

    • No, not really. I think it was Reddit that did that for me. Thank you for reading!

  • juan camilo

    hi! i just want to say that you inspire me and when i grow I want to be as good a parent like you, best wishes from Barranquilla, Colombia

    PD:I’m the only child in my family with atheistic thoughts

    • awesome! thank you so much 🙂

      • juan camilo

        por lo que he leido en tus posts creo que podria usar el español, asi que, ¿que consejo me darias para poder identificarme o encajar en un pais y una ciudad tan religiosa como Barranquilla? y ¿que libros me recomendarias tanto de ficcion como de no ficcion? de nuevo admiro lo que tratas de hacer con tu hijo y saludos y buenos deseos desde Colombia

        PD: sigo siendo un ‘ateo de closet’ (creo que se dice asi, o por lo menos Dawkins lo describe de esa manera)

    • reasonlogic

      Changes in the complex social make up of societies can take a very long time.
      It has been proven over time that modifications in behaviour do occur …somewhat like evolution….over long periods of time.

      As an example look at America in the last 10 years with the changes to how society views the topic of gay people. 50years ago in was actually illegal to love someone of the same gender.

      On the subject at hand ….imagine Juan that in 1676 a man in Britain named Thomas Aikenhead was executed for saying god does not exist.
      That would be impossible today.

      Over time societies do change….and we are currently in a time when it is acceptable to question the validity of religion given the shaky ground upon which it is built.

      Do not fear coming out as a non believer… is a healthy sign that your mind is in very good condition..

      • libsrnazi

        Yeah, you seem to be really oppressed by religion

        • reasonlogic

          No I am not oppressed personal by religion…in fact I find it fascinatingly amusing. However society as a whole suffers immensely from religion . Take for example the way in which ISIS interprets the Koran a book supposedly authored by a deity and written down by an illiterate man.
          If the god of the Koran was in fact what people call a god and knows and sees all events before they happen …..why did he/she/it author a book that could be interpreted in such a vile way? If he/she/it knew in advance that ISIS would twist the words of the Koran why is the Koran written in such a way that it can be misunderstood?
          According to religious people in general gods do not make mistakes ….so explain ISIS……explain the Spanish Inquisition….explain child abuse by catholic priests.

          Chris Hitchens had it right ….god is not great…..gods are a man made fantasy created to make people less afraid of the darker side of humanity.

          No I am not oppressed by religion because I have thought about it a great deal and something that does not make sense cannot oppress me….in time all “thinking” people will come to the same conclusion….it will just take a great deal of time…..But in the meantime you should do some thinking …and try to explain ISIS “rationally”

  • Sgt Cane

    I enjoy your straight talk. I never really believed but was then involved in a bible study group for 4 1/2 years (long story) that made me look at the new testaments story selections. After spending that much time looking at the evolution of Satin from old to new and tons of other things, I simply don’t understand how Christian’s have such belief. Are you aware of any groups presenting the real history of the new testament? It seems the people I run into don’t seem to realize the number of stories, duration (~300 yrs) and purposes of the selections used. Also, most Christians haven’t read it and would actually be offended if their children where shown the murdering (by their God), incest (Cane and his wife, wait, the fact his wife is his sister is the book of Jubilees not in the new testament) and the creation of hell (wait, the other religions where simplifying down from many Gods to ‘good’ and ‘evil’ when those stories showed up). Here is the long story short. I’m dieing and would like an easy access link to the reasons the churches that come to offer me prayer can understand why I think they can simply go fuck themselves. The Atheist view (other than the fact that they don’t believe in God) isn’t clear enough to the reasons. Just try going through string theory, big bang, multiverse and the fact that their book is a compromise between different churches to bring them together with guys. Some of them state the bible is completely in favor of a mutiverse????? I read it and don’t see it but who am I. Any help would be great. Small words and very concise will be most helpful. Love your page!!

    • reasonlogic

      “Small words and very concise will be most helpful.”

      Read the laws of physics and nature……it is that simple.

      It took 13.7 billion years for the earth to be in its current form…..not 6 days.
      People cannot be made from dirt.
      Snakes cannot talk.
      There is not a boat large enough to house all the life on earth for 40 days.
      People cannot fly…..unassisted.
      it takes a man and a woman to create a child….ghosts do not possess semen.
      Once dead you are recycled by the planet… one wakes up.

      • David Leavitt

        I don’t believe you are as much an independent thinker as you want others to believe. Try an experiment please. Take the number of people on the ark at the time and times that by the years in a generation, times the number of average children 2.5 to three that people have, by the years that have passed 2,500 and just see what you get for a number. And please be mindful that the worlds population doubles every 120 years.

        • reasonlogic

          How about a simple question for you? ……Why are sea shells found embedded in rock on mountains 6000 feet above sea level?

          • David Leavitt

            What kind of reply is this? someone with reason and logic are you?

          • reasonlogic

            As the old saw goes, a mind is like a parachute—it only works when it is open……having only a single reference book makes for a very closed mind.

          • Love that old saying 🙂

          • libsrnazi

            How does that refute religion? Are you not familiar with geology?

        • reasonlogic

          And what would the answer to this question reveal to enlighten the human mind or possibly changing the course of history? Perhaps it is an addition exercise much like that of Bishop Usher.

        • reasonlogic

          Oh and how about you answer the question about the sea shells….I am interested to know the response.

    • David Leavitt

      Dear Sir, our purpose on earth as mortals is anything but ideal. We as mortals can not foretell the future or see the bigger picture as God Can. You make believing in God harder if you question all the problems that exist in the middle east before or after the founding of the USA. The middle east and its indigenous people are different from western man and his ideas. Before there was Christianity of any kind, there were the Jews. God is Allah to many in the middle east but as a people of western society, we inherited the God of the Jews…Jehovah or Yahweh. Another thing to remember is that we must stand with Israel either in our living or our death. Besides, Allah is only a title meaning God. Jehovah is God’s personal name. He is a personal God and he is a jealous God. He insists on exclusion to any other god ( a very small g ). I am sorry that you have had a rough time of it, but in fact we are all dying. Pray for something small but important in life. Not just for yourself but for the good of the world for all you have contact with. Then I bet your prayers come true. Don’t be like reason logic who cares to muddy the waters I think. There should be no atheists as that is just another name for being self indulgent and a license to sin. An unexamined life cannot be lived.

      • reasonlogic

        “We as mortals can not foretell the future or see the bigger picture as God Can”
        Given that your god seems to be capable of foretelling the future could you kindly explain the events of the past week or so (July 2016) when literally hundreds have been slaughtered in his name ( and to be clear all 3 of you share the same sky daddy…(Christian, Jewish and Muslim..the Abrahamic top dog)……(is it not odd that dog is god spelled in reverse?)….Now rational thinking would state that if your god could see the future he is either A) not capable of intervening to stop said slaughter….impotent, B) does not care…a very nice deity….. or the most likely “rational” conclusion ….he does not exist.

        • libsrnazi

          Your conclusion is confusing as your argument seems to concur with that of nearly all Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (except the radical Jihadis, and that’s political).

          P.S. Abraham is a prophet of god, not a god…

          • reasonlogic

            There are no such thing as gods

          • libsrnazi

            Based on your posts you are very religious. Your espoused religion is called Secular Humanism, and your denomination worships “science”. FYI, science is not a proper noun, it is a methodology of research. Above all, everything in science is nothing more than a theory, and each theory has multitudes of predecessor theories, each one of which has been proven false or seriously flawed, sufficiently enough to warrant replacement. Any REAL scientist will also tell you that all of the existing theories will suffer the same fate.

            Even the most basic tenants of math are purely theoretical; and math is a purely human construct used to explain natural observed phenomena. In fact, that’s what makes it theoretical. don’t believe me? Consider a term paper my math professor assigned to me in 1984:

            “Define and prove zero”.

            This is an incredibly complex task, as all numbers are theoretical values that are assigned to real world phenomena, and zero is the most theoretical of all the assigned values. Many mathematicians deny its usefulness in math because it represents a value that does not exist. It makes a good example, however, because it helps represent how all the other values are arbitrary or theoretical in application as well, especially to those entering advanced mathematics and theoretical physics.

          • reasonlogic

            You stated ….”Your espoused religion is called Secular Humanism,”…well well thank you for recognizing the blatantly bloody obvious. Secularism is not a religion…it has no holy books for reference, no holy places and no place of punishment should anyone disagree with it. Secularism uses only ration thought processes to arrive at the conclusion the all religion is man made….and then it moves on to enjoy lives free of dogmatic fear.
            I do not worship anything or anyone…except my lovely wife.
            You however seems trapped in a bronze age tribal construct that is 2000 years past it’s best before date.

          • reasonlogic

            From my post “the Abrahamic top dog)”…of course he is not a god…but he is the root of all 3 faiths….Also Abraham could never be a god…because there is no such thing to begin with..

          • libsrnazi

            All 3 faiths you reference believe god is god, and they’re all talking about the same one. Abraham is a biblically referenced human, that some of the faiths you mention consider a prophet. Abraham was a historical political leader, and head of a family, whose personal family conflicts created the division between Arabs and Hebrews.

  • John Cockerill

    Godless Mom,
    Your article about the Nigerian atheist today is very interesting; but I’m very glad to hear you are not taking action until verifying the information. Frankly the number of scammers from Nigeria are legend, numerous and nefarious. In internet time being on line since last fall is not a lot of time. I feel for this person and his trials of coming out; but I’m very wary of sending money and I hope you are and that you advise your readers of such.

    All the best,

    • In light of the fact that we’ve been in contact with this man for months prior to this event, and that he is not asking for money, I am more apt to believe it. However, I am being cautious. Thank you for reading and for posting your thoughts ! 🙂

  • Paul

    Dear Godlessmom, I’m a 16-year-old fan of yours. Will you cyber with me? Youre lovely 🙂

  • Khobaib Hayat

    from pakistan,my english is not good so i can’t understand ur music properly but i like u
    for u r an atheist like me

    • reasonlogic

      Please be very careful Khobaib … in Canada were we are free to speak our minds …..Pakistan will not tolerate those that do not very careful expressing your views in public.
      It is better that you more here….then you can talk about anything you wish.

  • Tom Patierno

    Godless Mom, thank you for providing shade from the Son. It’s pretty sweltering. Holy rollers like to get all up in arms when I say…well, just about anything. I can appreciate that they get through the day by relying on their imaginary friend. I can accept that “a state of grace” is basically a mindfulness zen state that makes your brain pump out all sorts of happy focusy drugs, and I respect that. I just don’t like it when they a.) shove it down my throat b.) pretend that other Goddies haven’t done more harm than good. or c.) do everything that Jesus said not to do. Your site always gives me a good laugh. You rock!

  • Paula Castleberry

    i happen to come across your website from a pinterest post. LOVIN IT!!!

  • Τζίμης

    Are you accepting stories from Greece?

    • Absolutely!

      • Τζίμης

        I sent you my story.

  • Lotuseater

    Hello from Maldives. A place where Islam should be the religion of all citizens, is written in the constitution. But with a growing number of free thinkers like me. Love that dp of u Godless mommy

  • Mario Marceau

    Hello from Québec! I would like to offer a small suggestion: Have you considered inserting a Favicon on your website? I added your site to my navigation bar. I posted a small pic below ¬
    I enjoy your site. Thanks 🙂

    Mario Marceau

  • NitesWhoSayNee

    Hi. Interested in guest blogging. How can I contact you with questions? Thanks!!

  • Lance Buckley

    Re your FAQ: I don’t understand why godless people go along with the definition of atheism as a “lack of belief”. “Lack” implies something’s missing. It’s not. The free do not lack chains. The healthy do not lack disease. The atheist does not lack belief. We are free from belief. Free from delusion.

  • Just thanks. Because I know how it takes time and effort to put together your own thoughts into a content piece. I contrast this with a slew of friends who are happy merely to forward me articles, often inaccurate because they didn’t even fact check. Keep up the good and original work. Regards Marcus & Agata.

  • reasonlogic

    “I am scared, I’m not going to lie. I don’t know how this is going to turn out”
    Is it not what this site is all about GM?
    The truth is all that is needed in anything (except Santa and the Tooth Fairy)
    Truth is what got you and me (45 years ago) to where we are now.
    All that is needed in life is to tell the truth and be good… holy books needed.

  • ShibumiMC

    I think you do important work in a manner far more tolerant and patient than I do, or could. Thanks you. Just a thought – I think the audience for atheism is not the fundies who will never convert – but the great mass who go through the motions because of upbringing, fear (of their “god” or of offending someone), habit or because they think it’s how you get ahead (and there is some merit to that belief in the economic sense – churches are like golf courses actually). Another thought: The religious adherence numbers are one of the great frauds of religion – the organizations publish numbers that are based on their wishes and prayers. Not on actual data.

  • ShibumiMC

    Found in my mailbox today – leaflet from the J.W.s promoting an event this way: Saturday, March 24 “A commemoration of the death of Jesus Christ.” Now that’s a new one. Guess that old “resurrection” thing is passe now.