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Video: A Reminder For Christian Hillary Supporters

Bible against women as leaders

In their desperation to stay relevant, religious fundamentalists just keep going lower and lower. Here’s a pastor who wants to set the record straight for Christian Hillary supporters. The worst part? He’s right. Do you think Christians who support Hillary are hypocrites? Let me know in the comments!

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Video: Dawkins Illustrates What It Would Look Like If Science Worked Like Religion


Richard Dawkins has a way of explaining things so simply and beautifully that you immediately understand. Here he shows us a laughable map of the globe, and what it might look like if science worked like religion. What if differing¬†ideas about the extinction of the dinosaurs were spread out across the globe geographically? It’s absurd, […]

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Video: Eminem and Skylar Grey Take Shots At Religious Belief

Eminem and Skylar Grey

As a writer, I am a huge fan of Eminem. The man is a fucking wizard when it comes to words. I have no choice but to appreciate his poetic skill, which is far beyond anything I could ever be capable of. His latest effort, with Skylar Grey, made me extra super excited because the […]

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Video: Pastor Asked The Same Question That Made His Daughter An Atheist

Holy Koolaid

I’ve talked about Holy Koolaid before. It’s a fantastic atheist channel that is so well done and subscribing to this guy is going to be one of your best ideas yet. Here’s yet another great video by Holy Koolaid, in which he asks Matt Slick the same question that made Slick’s daughter an atheist: What […]

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This Video Makes Me Want To Live In Iceland… Who’s With Me?

Preachers in Iceland

So, a couple of American God botherers decided to take their mission to Iceland. With it, they were lugging along the Good News, ready to cram it every viking face they could find. Dead set on converting these pale-skinned heretics, they began to preach at a college, amongst Icelandic teenagers but were met with resistance. […]

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Video: CGP Grey Makes Believing In A Soul Damned Near Impossible

CGP Grey

One of my favourite youtubers just posted a gorgeous video illustrating the split brain phenomena, one of the most powerful arguments against the existence of a soul. Once upon a time, severing the connection between the left brain and the right brain was used as a treatment for epilepsy, and resulted in patients suffering in […]

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Video: I Don’t Think I’ve Seen Anything Quite So Disturbing…

child preacher

This is clearly child abuse. Imagine if this kid grows up to doubt the beliefs he’s obviously had forced down his throat. How bitter is he gonna be? And is that… is that the National Geographic logo on it? What the fuck, National Geographic? Thanks to Karlo for sending me this link. WOW – That’s […]

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This Video About Purgatory Did Not End The Way I Expected… At All

This starts out pretty interesting. A recently deceased guy in purgatory gets answers to any question he can think of in one minute. But then…

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Video: Don’t Be A Racist, It Has Nothing To Do With Islam!

Nothing to do with Islam

I love this guy. He sums it up perfectly. The argument that Islamic terrorism has nothing to with Islam, is absurdity at its purest. What do you think? Do these things have anything to do with Islam? Let me know in the comments.

Disturbing Video: Please, Tell Me Again How I Have To Respect Their Culture

Rape game

This is just beyond infuriating.¬†What gets me most angry, is that self-proclaimed feminists or social justice warriors would be among the first to tell me I ought to respect the culture and attitudes in places like the ones depicted in this video. This is precisely the sort of thing that ought to be enraging feminists […]

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