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New Video: When A Christian Doesn’t Think My Family Should Exist

Holy Fucking Comments!

We’ve found our way to another Holy Fucking Comments video and I’m not gonna lie, this was a tough video to make. No, not because any of the comments upset me, or anything. Instead, it was due to a handful of factors: I couldn’t stop pulling gut muscles laughing at the idiocy of the comments […]

Things The Godly Say: The First Law Of Thermodynamics Disproves Evolution!

DNA Evolution

Last week I got a question from a reader. I’ll keep him anonymous, but let you know is Christian considers himself a skeptic. He said, One scientific reason that I don’t accept the theory of evolution and believe there is a god is because of the First Law of Thermodynamics. The First Law simply states that matter cannot

Things The Godly Say: Maybe If You Read The Bible…

Christopher Hitchens

I think it might have been the second time I was tripping on Psilocybin mushrooms. I was about fifteen, been an atheist all my life, sitting in my Protestant best friend’s room. We had never spoken about religion before, and I barely understood it. I just knew some people believed in God, and there was some Jesus

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Things The Godly Say: The Tenets and Arbiter Of Atheism!

Comment war

As most of you know, I have started a podcast with @MrOzAtheist over at – we released our first episode a week or so ago, and since then, I’ve been in a comment discussion with a fella on the post. Check it out here. He began by saying, Seems to me that atheism begins

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Things The Godly Say: You Only Attack My Religion!

Why Christians?

Sometimes it happens all in the same day. I’ll get a message on Facebook from one person accusing me of only attacking Islam. Later, a tweet from a believer, “How come you focus entirely on Christianity?”. Sometimes I get the urge to pop some corn and sit back wait for the message from a Moonie,

Things The Godly Say: Just Let People Believe What They Want To Believe!

Sansa Ramsay

Well, it’s Friday, folks. T minus eleven hours until I can crack a fresh one and shut my brain off. I’m struggling today, folks. I really am. Sleep… she avoids me like I’m Ramsay Bolton with a hard-on and she’s a Brienne-less Sansa Stark. But I digress, I did not come here to trigger any

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Things The Godly Say: You Don’t Believe In God, But It’s All You Ever Talk About!

Pagan Halloween

Have you ever been at amusement park late in the day when it’s about to close? You know, when all the normal people are long gone and only people like you are left, who are hell bent on getting their goddamned money’s worth in rides? It’s like a sprint race from ride to ride, where you

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Things The Godly Say: Respect My Beliefs!

respect my beliefs

There once was a little girl who lived in Ontario, Canada. Makayla. She was just eleven years old when she was diagnosed with leukemia. As horrifying as this diagnosis sounds, doctors were quite hopeful that the girl would survive, giving her a seventy-five percent chance of beating the disease. As prescribed, the young girl underwent eleven weeks

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Things The Godly Say: It Takes More Faith To Be An Atheist

If I had a buck for every time someone told me it takes more faith to be an atheist, I’d have more cash than Kanye’s blown. I’m not really sure what leads theists to believe it’s a clever thing to say, because really, it’s more self deprecating than anything. As my biology teacher once said, let’s dissect

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