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3 Reasons Why #NormalizeAtheism Is A Good Thing

Normalize Atheism

On Twitter, recently, a new hashtag has been making the rounds. #NormalizeAtheism is the brain baby of atheist activist Mark Nebo, who is otherwise known for his founding of Be Secular and co-hosting the Ra-Men podcast. The goal of the hashtag is, as it sounds, to build awareness for atheism, make evident our numbers and encourage

Nigerian Apostate Hospitalized After Being Beaten, Drugged – We Need Your Help #AtheistSOS

Atheist sos

Update 3: After having been sent many photos from MB, I am 99.9% sure this story is true. He wanted me to mention that the Facebook status his father posted is “the key to enter Islam. Whoever professes it, is now a Muslim”. MB is no longer drugged and has been moved to a private

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