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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Apologize For Neglecting You

Star Wars Cake

My little heathens… I apologize for being completely AWOL this past week – August, for my family, is birthday madness and it ends after the big one: my son’s. I was tits deep in cake batter and frosting, struggling to fill Kylo Ren-shaped piñatas and breathing all my energy into a few dozen balloons. Houseguests

Ask Mommy: How To Cope While Living With Religious Relatives

I recently received this question on Facebook, I’m in a relationship with an agnostic with extremely religious parents. We have recently had a baby. My partner and our child are currently living with her parents while we save money for our own place. I feel like I’m suffocating because I have to filter myself around her parents. I have

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10 Kid-Friendly Vacation Spots That Will Exercise Your Science Muscles

Kennedy Space Center

This summer, many Christian families are making their way to the Ark Encounter which recently opened in Kentucky. In the first week of its opening, the park based on the biblical story of Noah drew in 5,000 visitors per day. It’s becoming a common road trip for Jeeby-loving Americans. A pilgrimage, if you will, that’s leaving

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Ask Mommy: Atheist Grandma, Christian Granddaughter & Causing Doubt


I got this email from a reader, I’m deeply atheist but somehow my daughter “found God” and has my five year old granddaughter brainwashed …. Every time my granddaughter spouts her god talk I tell her “Grandma does not believe in god” and she continues with “why”… This is where you come in. By any chance,

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Ask Mommy: Atheist Parents Shunning Kids For Religion?

Shunning kids for religion

The other day, one of the people I’ve connected with on Twitter emailed me the following question: My question might be strange I’m not sure but here it goes… I know A LOT of parents who are Christian and raise their children in the church (I was one of them), and there are several children

Ask Mommy: Talking To Your Kid About God, Jesus, The Bible and Church

Religion and kids

I received a question from a reader recently. She asked, I have a question for any and all atheist moms. I have two children one who is at the age of asking about jesus and what he is or about the bible. My parents brainwashed me as a child and they are doing it to my

Space Cadet Senator Fighting Porn Remotely From Planet Kolob

porn under fire in Utah

The salty state is not exactly known for it’s level-headed reason and skepticism, so when this story about one man’s quest to scrub the internet of porn crystallized in Utah, I was hardly surprised. The most sexually deviant state is looking to cleanse itself – not from the image of conman worshippers or incestuous polygamists

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9 Ways Atheist Moms Are Different From Religious Moms

atheist mom

Before we start, I need you to donate to the relief efforts in Fort Mac: Click here. Almost daily, I get comments on my Instagram posts or replies to my tweets that I’m doing some sort of disservice to my kids for raising them without religion. Y’all know me, I don’t give two fucks what

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Every Atheist Parent Needs: Crash Course Philosophy

Crash Course Philosophy

I’ve talked to you before about Crash Course Kids, the junior offering from John Green’s awesome Crash Course franchise. Today, though, I want to tell you about a new series of videos currently under way on the Crash Course channel. Hank Green, John’s even nerdier brother and one half of the Vlog Brothers, is our

Every Atheist Parent Needs: SumDog


I used to be one of those disgruntled teenagers in math class wondering aloud when I would ever have to use this absurd algebraic equation in real life. It’s probably the most common complaint amongst kids and teens learning complicated math lessons. To be honest, I hear the same thing from adults every now and