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Video: WTF Australia? Why No Same-Sex Marriage Yet?

Australian same-sex marriage

In this video I go over my understanding of the same sex marriage controversy in Australia and tell you what you can do to make sure it passes. It’s 2017. There are no more excuses for developed countries without legalized same sex marriage. It’s not as though it’s not going to happen. It’s going to […]

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Video: Gay Law Student Destroys His Gay Conversion Counselor

Scott Blair, Gay Conversion Therapy

Heaven help the gay conversion counselor who decides to take on a gay Harvard law student. After Scott told his mom he was gay, she said to him she wanted to drive her car into a tree. If that wasn’t awful enough, his atheist father and Catholic mother decided to join a group for “ex-gay […]

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Video: LGBTQ Can Get Married in All Fifty States, But Can LGBTQ Keep Their Jobs?

Loosen the Bible Belt - LGBT

It’s called “Loosen the Bible Belt: A Tour for Humanity” and their goal is to raise awareness for the discrimination American members of the LGBTQ community still face. Sure, marriage is legal all over the United States of America, but that doesn’t mean that member of the LGBTQ community are free to live their lives […]

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Call Out The B.S. of Islam Unapologetically

Indonesian Cops

So there I was, stealing one precious minute to myself in the laundry room as I waited for my washing machine to finish. The fresh scent of Purex, Bleach and Bounce sheets swirling around my head, I hopped up on the counter, pulled out my phone and tapped open Reddit. What’s going on in the

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Video: Imam of Orlando Mosque Calls For The Deaths Of LGBT

Gays must die - Imam

“Death is the sentence” says the Imam of an Orlando mosque when talking about the LGBTQ community. Yes, I said Orlando. This isn’t some obscure town buried deep in the sands of the Middle East. This is America:

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Orlando: No, You Don’t Own This Tragedy

Orlando LGBT

In the time since the Orlando shooting, we’ve seen a number of odd, hostile and atrociously insulting responses to the tragedy that took forty-nine lives and forever altered countless more. We had the not-so-surprising hateful jeebots frothing from their foul mouths that more lives should have been taken. We heard from the Islamapologists, who are darned

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Christian Science, Low Expectations and Orlando

Orlando Shooting

Kelsey Grammer is a Christian scientist. I know, I know what you’re thinking… you mean he doesn’t visit doctors? Not quite. You see, plenty, if not most, Christian Scientists still visit medical professionals. In fact, the church does not require that members abstain from seeking professional medical help. The Church’s stance, rather, is that the most powerful

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Will Men Really Rape Us If Bathrooms Are Divided By Identity Rather Than Biology?


I went to this party once. It was pretty dark, and they had one of those strobe lights going. Pretty sure everyone was high – I recognized the signs of cocaine and meth use. The music was really loud, which surprised me, being as we were in an attached townhome and the neighbours would surely

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What It Would Take For Godless Mom To Endorse The Pope

Recently, the Pope went on a crime spree around the USA, leaving christ-dust on the critically ill, his holy fluids on Kim Davis and little Popemobile skid marks in his wake. “He’s so cool! He took a selfie one time!” I heard echoing across social media. “He’s the best! Did you know he tweets?” I heard

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Has Anyone Seen Kevin Smith Lately? Or: Why I Can’t Tell What’s Real Anymore

You know the scene. The camera pans down on a crowd in front of a Catholic church, a gaudy banner is haphazardly strung up across its doors, “Catholicism WOW!” Cardinal Glick is introduced over a loudspeaker, and the late, great, George Carlin walks out in his priestly duds. The small, drably-dressed crowd claps. Mr. Carlin, blessed

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