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7 Ways Christianity Teaches Arrogance

It's all for us!

It never changes. Every time I login to Twitter, it’s just a barrage of stupid. “It takes more faith to be an atheist!” “Why are atheists angry at god?” “Don’t insult my beliefs!” It’s just constant stream, reminiscent of the green sludge coming out of your dog after he got half a spinach lasagna when

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A Believer’s Guide To Talking To Atheists Is As Misguided As It Sounds

Horatio Caine

You know those cheesy crime dramas that have infested our pop culture like some extra-oozy clap? There’s always that one cliche episode where a little girl has been traumatized by a serial killer dressed in a bear suit who kept her in a dungeon under the circus. They rescue the girl in the opening scene

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10 Questions For Ken Ham

Ken Ham Ark Questions

Edit: I realize they were on the boat for a year. My bad. My biblically illiterate bad. Alright, Hammy. I’ve sat by listening to your horseshit long enough. You and I have a long overdue appointment with reason and it starts now. I have a few questions about your little dingy down there in Kentucky and

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How Do You Talk To An Atheist?

What Dennis hopes for.

It wouldn’t be a day in my life if I was not exposed to some lobotomy patient’s weak-ass straw man about what atheists are all about. It’s the same old shit, day in and day out and, honestly, it gets older than Keith Richards cryogenically frozen long enough to listen to his own music on

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Video: What Mike Pence Thinks About Evolution Is Terrifying

Mike Pence on evolution

How do people fall through the cracks like this? It seems that most people who think this way are from the U.S.A. – do they just not teach you there? What is it you spend your days learning in school? The Pledge of Allegiance I gather… but what comes after that? This guy is a […]

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Video: A Reminder For Christian Hillary Supporters

Bible against women as leaders

In their desperation to stay relevant, religious fundamentalists just keep going lower and lower. Here’s a pastor who wants to set the record straight for Christian Hillary supporters. The worst part? He’s right. Do you think Christians who support Hillary are hypocrites? Let me know in the comments!

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4 Reasons The Eucharist Makes You Insane


One damp evening, back when I was about 18, I was waiting for the bus in downtown Vancouver. I’d let out a pained groan as the thought of how long it was going to take me to get home floated through my mind, and I knew I’d be trudging kilometers in the icy Vancouver rain

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Here’s a Goon Who Thinks Atheists Are As Bad As Osteen

Joel Osteen

I’ve had the rash-causing pleasure of responding to Matty Walsh before here on Godless Mom, so it’s no real surprise to me that he’s once again said things about atheists that are not true. This time, though, there’s a little extra sting to that grating, raw feeling anything Matt says induces. This time, he’s said

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Believers: 6 Signs You’ll Be An Atheist Soon


I’ve been around atheist Twitter long enough to watch several people go from angry, confrontational self-described victims of Christian persecution, to atheist in a matter of months. I’ve seen many people turn, leave their faith behind and experience the exhilaration of being free of dogma and cognitive dissonance. Most outspoken atheists have seen this so

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7 Misconceptions About Christian Missionaries

Christian Missionaries

A lot of people mistakenly conflate the phrase, “missionary work” with “charity work”. Apologists like to point to religious missionaries and congratulate them on all the wonderful work they’re doing, while missionaries themselves walk around with an inflated ego thinking they’re doing the most selfless, kind work possible. None of this is true. While many

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