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Every Atheist Needs: The Mythinformed Podcast

Every atheist needs Mythinformed POdcast

Unless you were living under a pew, you’ve noticed this past year has been pockmarked by the controversy surrounding the Mythicist Milwaukee con. Fire was exchanged by the social justice types and the anti-social justice types over whether or not Sargon of Akkad should have been invited¬†to this holy atheist occasion. Should the congregation be

Every Atheist Needs: /r/exjw


It’s been a while since I crammed the benefit of being a Redditor down your throats, so I figure we’re about due. Everyone grab your snoo, get ready to upvote and listen up. The subreddit I want you to check out today is sometimes very tough to read. It is, of course, the ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses

Every Atheist Needs: Halt and Catch Fire

Halt and Catch Fire

Listen, I know this one has nothing to do with atheism, but as loud and vocal atheists here on the internet, we have to find a way to escape the religious nonsense every once in a while. This show will help you do that because there isn’t a single, solitary mention of God or Jesus

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Every Atheist Needs: The Sinner

The Sinner TV Show

I stumbled across this show one night when the little boy was in bed and the hairier half was playing his drums and I was bored. The name, “The Sinner” caught my attention, being as I am always on the lookout for religious bullshit to pick apart. The show, which stars Jessica Biel, doesn’t have

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Every Atheist Needs: American Gods

Mad Sweeney

I was pregnant with my son, living in the Mayan Riviera when I read American Gods by Neil Gaiman. The majority of the book was read laying in the talcum sand of the beach at the end of Calle 38, Playa Del Carmen. There, against the background noise of turquoise waves crashing, I pondered more

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Every Atheist Parent Needs: The I Survived Book Series

I Survived book series

It was way too late for me when I finally realized how much I loved history. It’d always been portrayed by my teachers with such lacklustre enthusiasm, picking out only the most dull and mundane points that could no sooner draw me in than Katy Perry could say something she thought up herself. My Dad

Every Atheist Needs: The Missionary Position

The Missionary Position - Christopher Hitchens

I know what you filthy heathens thought I meant, but if you’d get your sinful minds out of the gutter for two seconds, I’d like to talk about the book from the very missed, Mr. Christopher Hitchens about Mother Teresa. As you all know, Hitch had some very, very strong feelings towards the little sister

Every Atheist Needs: Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

Back in my hometown every summer, they host night markets. It was one of the many things the influx of immigrants from Asia brought us. There were stalls with dim sum and stalls with meat on sticks, you could get bubble tea and green tea ice cream cones, spiraled potatoes on sticks. The music, the smell,

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Every Atheist Does NOT Need: The Most Hated Woman In America

The Most Hated Woman in America

Jesus Christ on a John Deere, where do I begin with this torturous monstrosity of a movie? The best way I could describe it with any accuracy, is that it’s gotta feel a little bit like what waterboarding feels like, except you don’t feel like you’re drowning in water, rather, you feel like you’re drowning

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Every Atheist Needs: S-Town

S-Town podcast

Even though I have no fucking time these days to do anything I want, really, I had to check out the S-Town podcast because so many people were yammering on about it like it was the second coming. I have to admit, it kinda was. A couple years ago, Serial kicked the podcast community’s ass

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