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At Least Now We Know America Is Being Trolled

Donald Trump

I’m a skeptic, folks. You know this about me. There are two types of skeptics, though. The first, is the type that is skeptical about god claims but swallows, hook, line and sinker, just about everything else fed to them so long as it goes along with their comfort zone narrative. The other, is the sort

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Here’s a Thing So Many Of You Do, And You Need To Stop


It never fucking fails. Every time some globally horrifying event takes place, like the recent instances of cop-on-black-man violence, or the Nice attack, people start piping up with their favourite reasons why. “It’s Islam!” “It’s racism!” “It’s American foreign aggression!” “It’s a lack of gun control!” They’re sure they know what caused this tragedy, and

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Celebrate Canada Day By Ending Canadian Blasphemy Laws

Canada's Blasphemy Laws

Happy Canada Day Eve, you hellbound Canucks! Did you know that Canada still has blasphemy laws on the books? Indeed, we do. If we go by strictly what’s on the books, blasphemy is punishable by up to two years in prison in our vast nation. Wait, you thought Canada was a modern, secular country? Haha,

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Orlando: No, You Don’t Own This Tragedy

Orlando LGBT

In the time since the Orlando shooting, we’ve seen a number of odd, hostile and atrociously insulting responses to the tragedy that took forty-nine lives and forever altered countless more. We had the not-so-surprising hateful jeebots frothing from their foul mouths that more lives should have been taken. We heard from the Islamapologists, who are darned

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My Next Big Thing! I Hope You’ll Join Me…

Common Heathens

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news that MrOzAtheist and I are doing a podcast together. We finally launched our first episode yesterday and you guys gave us such great feedback. We will definitely be doing more. If you haven’t heard the podcast yet, head on over to the Common Heathens web site and

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3 Things Critics Of Islam Are NOT Saying

Buddy Christ

It never fucking fails. Every godless time I post anything critical of Islam, from the woodwork emerges a tidal wave of straw men and irrelevant comments: “B-b-but Christianity is evil, too!” “B-b-but not all Muslims are bad!” “B-b-but Islam is not solely to blame!” Sometimes I feel like I have an alternate personality that writes

Christian Science, Low Expectations and Orlando

Orlando Shooting

Kelsey Grammer is a Christian scientist. I know, I know what you’re thinking… you mean he doesn’t visit doctors? Not quite. You see, plenty, if not most, Christian Scientists still visit medical professionals. In fact, the church does not require that members abstain from seeking professional medical help. The Church’s stance, rather, is that the most powerful

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Guest Post: Murder in Kano

The news from Northern Nigeria this past was weekend was grim: an innocent woman, beheaded in the streets by Islamic fundamentalist psychopaths. Her crime? Blasphemy. Mrs. Bridget Patience Agbaheme, it has been suggested, insulted the prophet of Islam and for that, she was brutally slaughtered. You can read more about this horrific crime here. In

Why I Didn’t Go To The Reason Rally

Doug Stanhope

I want to say it’s because Doug Stanhope was too busy sticking up for his best good pal, Johnny Depp, to be there that I didn’t go, but that’s not it. NO, even if my spirit animal had attended, I would likely not have gone. I was reading Atheist Revolution this morning and Jack was speculating

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Salon Says White People Are Compassion-Deficient So I Thought I’d Set The Record Straight

Salon is shit

The article starts out like many do in the wake of publicly-felt grief: by asking how we can show so much grief after the death of a celebrity or an animal, but when presented with evidence of mass killings, genocides or systematic oppression, we don’t speak up at all? A fair enough question, and I myself