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New Podcast Episode: Alternative Medicine & The Farting Healer

Alternative medicine

Be forewarned that sipping hot beverages is not recommended while listening to this episode. We laughed a lot and I hope it makes you laugh, too. This week, we discussed alternative medicine and I relayed a story about a healer who basically came over to my house, touched my dog and farted a lot. I

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New Podcast Episode: Can We Blame Islam For Manchester?

Atheist podcast: Manchester attack

This week, Oz and I wanted to discuss alternative medicine, but then Manchester happened. We really had no choice but to discuss this horrible event. What do you think? Do you think we can blame Islam for its part in the attack in Manchester? Listen to what we think: If you like what we do,

New Podcast – Indoctrinating Our Kids With Atheism!

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Parenting godless kids

In this episode, Oz and I chat a little bit about promoting critical thought in kids. We also talk about wearing heathen attire in public as well as just how science friendly the Catholic church is. Here is the episode: We record these live on YouTube now, so you can subscribe to our channel to

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New Common Heathens Podcast! Is There Discrimination Against Atheists In The UK?

Atheist Podcast - Discrimination

This week, Oz and I had a chat about how many atheists across the pond seem to assert that discrimination against atheists in the UK does not happen. We talk about examples of how this is not correct, and we also answer some of your questions. Here is the new episode: After listening, what are

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New Podcast Episode! Hyper-Sensitive, Eternally-Triggered, Outrage Army!

Atheist podcast episode 10

In this episode, Donovan and I chatted a little bit about conspiracy theories, and alternative medicine. Nutritional pseudoscience also came up when we discussed MSG and why it’s completely harmless, and really, just the victim of racism back in the less open-minded 50s. We also discuss the latest outrage parties- the Walking Dead t-shirt that

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New Podcast Episode: Vagina Eggs?

Vagina eggs

Donovan and I might have had a little bit too much fun last week chatting about the giant hunks of stone Gwyneth Paltrow is telling people to shove up their snatch. Sorry for all the giggling, but really, if you’ve been talked into walking around with a rock in your twat, you’re gonna get laughed at.

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New Podcast Episode: Punching Nazis & Muslim Ban!

Muslim ban & Punching nazis

So, we are finally going to be going live every two weeks. If you want to catch us when we record our podcasts live, make sure you’re subbed to our YouTube channel: Common Heathens. The next episode will be airing on Valentine’s Day at 1pm Pacific time. We hope to see you there, you sexy

New Podcast! Welcome Our First Guest, Atheist World


Podcast news: the next episode will be live streamed on YouTube, with video so you can see our ugly mugs! If you want to be notified when this happens, subscribe to the Common Heathens YouTube channel here: Common Heathens. This live event is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 15th at 1pm Pacific Standard Time. We were also

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New Podcast! Common Heathens Election Special

Common Heathens

Before we jump into this special edition of the Common Heathens podcast, I wanted to ask a favour. Our podcast has reached its limit of uploads on our podcasting platform. We were able to raise enough to pay for a Pro account, but we have just hit our limit on that, too. Now, we need

New Podcast Episode: PIGS FLY! Oz & GM Agree With Jehovah’s Witnesses!

Common HEathens Jehovah's Witnesses

This month Courtney and Donovan respond to a Jehovah’s Witnesses pamphlet for teens. Plus, we answer tons of your questions! Patrons of the Common Heathens podcast get to hear a giggle-filled bloopers bonus. If you want to hear it, become a Patron : Click here. Here is this month’s episode: If you have a question