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7 Things Outspoken Atheists Are Sick Of Hearing

Angry theists

Here’s the God’s honest truth, no holy. Every morning when my alarm goes off, I pick up my phone and check Twitter, Instagram and Reddit while I wake up. I realize this is a choice and I don’t have to do this, but the fact of the fucking matter is that I do. I do.

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Get A Lecture From Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan I Can Hear You

Before I actually worked there, I had this glamorous idea of what working at the airport might be like. I thought I’d get all these amazing travel discounts and I’d be able to move up and get promotions. I thought it would be exciting, seeing all these happy travellers come and go to and from incredible adventures. I

3 Things Critics Of Islam Are NOT Saying

Buddy Christ

It never fucking fails. Every godless time I post anything critical of Islam, from the woodwork emerges a tidal wave of straw men and irrelevant comments: “B-b-but Christianity is evil, too!” “B-b-but not all Muslims are bad!” “B-b-but Islam is not solely to blame!” Sometimes I feel like I have an alternate personality that writes

Salon Says White People Are Compassion-Deficient So I Thought I’d Set The Record Straight

Salon is shit

The article starts out like many do in the wake of publicly-felt grief: by asking how we can show so much grief after the death of a celebrity or an animal, but when presented with evidence of mass killings, genocides or systematic oppression, we don’t speak up at all? A fair enough question, and I myself

Ask Mommy: Talking To Your Kid About God, Jesus, The Bible and Church

Religion and kids

I received a question from a reader recently. She asked, I have a question for any and all atheist moms. I have two children one who is at the age of asking about jesus and what he is or about the bible. My parents brainwashed me as a child and they are doing it to my

Am I A Sex Positive Feminist?

Let's have sex

Most of you know me already as the fan of the ol’ slap n’ tickle I am. I’ve never tried to hide the fact that boppin’ squiddles is a favourite pastime. Whether you’re ringing your own bell or getting your twinkie creamed by someone else doesn’t matter to me. Getting off is all good in

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Just When I Thought I’d Had Enough…

Girl hand over her ears

Some days I get really fucking tired of hearing that atheists lack morals or that their lives have no meaning or purpose. I get tired of hearing I’m hurting my kids, or that I’m going to be tortured for an eternity. I get sick of the accusations that I am angry at something I have

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Atheist Life Hacks: How Not To Be A Victim

Penang, Malaysia

I gripped my Dad’s hand as tight as I could and tried to look away. We picked up our pace and I began hopping to keep up with my dad’s long strides. I strained my neck as we passed. I saw a little boy, naked, standing next to a woman. She was sick. I don’t know

Things The Godly Say: You Only Attack My Religion!

Why Christians?

Sometimes it happens all in the same day. I’ll get a message on Facebook from one person accusing me of only attacking Islam. Later, a tweet from a believer, “How come you focus entirely on Christianity?”. Sometimes I get the urge to pop some corn and sit back wait for the message from a Moonie,

Atheist Life Hacks: How To Find A Missing Jehovah’s Witness

Jehovah's Witnesses

I used to get this nice old lady at the door. She’d have her hanky out dabbing sweat from her forehead when I answered it. In summer, our town can reach temps of forty degrees celsius (that’s about a hundred and four in Yankee). Before we ever got to God, I’d ask her if she needed some