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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Become A Nazi Sympathizer

punching nazis

I spent yesterday evening listening to Dan Arel on the Lalo Dagach podcast. The topic of discussion was punching nazis, the comically surreal issue that seems to have the skeptic community divided… still. I listened after I noticed Matt Dillahunty had been drawn into the conversation as well as Stephen Knight of the Godless Spellchecker podcast.

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Every Atheist Does NOT Need: The Most Hated Woman In America

The Most Hated Woman in America

Jesus Christ on a John Deere, where do I begin with this torturous monstrosity of a movie? The best way I could describe it with any accuracy, is that it’s gotta feel a little bit like what waterboarding feels like, except you don’t feel like you’re drowning in water, rather, you feel like you’re drowning

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Every Atheist Needs: S-Town

S-Town podcast

Even though I have no fucking time these days to do anything I want, really, I had to check out the S-Town podcast because so many people were yammering on about it like it was the second coming. I have to admit, it kinda was. A couple years ago, Serial kicked the podcast community’s ass

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New Common Heathens Podcast! Is There Discrimination Against Atheists In The UK?

Atheist Podcast - Discrimination

This week, Oz and I had a chat about how many atheists across the pond seem to assert that discrimination against atheists in the UK does not happen. We talk about examples of how this is not correct, and we also answer some of your questions. Here is the new episode: After listening, what are

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10 New Questions For Atheists From A Theology Student

Answers from atheists

Every once in a while, I get a thoughtful email from a religious student asking for help with an assignment. Usually, it’s an assignment for a philosophy class, and requires points of view from various types of people, including atheists. I am always happy to oblige. This time, I got a list of questions from

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Every Atheist Needs: The Red Pill

The Red Pill

I know I’m going to cop a lot of heat for this, but I would hope that if the headline already has you burning with rage, you might take a minute to calm down and then consider the possibility that I might have something reasonable to say on this topic. I spent a long time fighting

4 Questions From A Brand New Atheist


Wrestling with insomnia, I fluttered around Reddit last night. Tented by the quilt my husband’s aunt handmade for us, the dim glow of the app’s night mode lit up my face while I skimmed through r/debateandatheist. This is the subreddit where faith goes to die, where it gets cold clocked by the hammer of reason.

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Video: If All Religious Leaders Were Like This, We Wouldn’t Need To Be Outspoken Atheists

Religious leaders smoke weed

I caught this video on Reddit this morning and I was so impressed with the Rabbi and the priest. First, they were willing to smoke weed. Second, they were sitting next to an openly gay atheist and treated him and his lack of belief with absolute respect. If all religious leaders were this open, compassionate, […]

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New Podcast Episode! Hyper-Sensitive, Eternally-Triggered, Outrage Army!

Atheist podcast episode 10

In this episode, Donovan and I chatted a little bit about conspiracy theories, and alternative medicine. Nutritional pseudoscience also came up when we discussed MSG and why it’s completely harmless, and really, just the victim of racism back in the less open-minded 50s. We also discuss the latest outrage parties- the Walking Dead t-shirt that

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Every Atheist Needs: Atheist Tiki Hour

Atheist Tiki Hour

I’ve raved before about works by Logospilgrim and I cannot rave about this one enough, either. This is a quick read (although it took me what felt like a millennia because I have had zero time to sit and read), but it’s going to leave you feeling great. Absolutely unique, this book has humour, compassion, moving

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