Atheists Don’t Know What Love Is!

Can you define love? Do theists ask you this question? Ask Godless Dad how robotic I actually am: @GodlessDad

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  • Andrew Hobson

    The main problem with this question is that one needs to clarify which definition of love one is referring to.

    Agape love – Which is a non-erotic emotion; love of god, brotherly love,love for one’s dog (I hope that’s not erotic!) and love of riding a motorbike at high speed.

    Eros love – Love of one’s sexual partner(s)

    I suggest that they are very similar in the chemical effect that they have in one’s brain, but these reactions are triggered by different external stimuli. And obviously have a different effect in the brain. I love riding a motor bike, but it don’t give me no stiffy!

    Theists seem to be stuck on one definition of the word love (Stuck on one definition, where have we seen that before?) and assume that their ‘love of god’ is the only one we should be applying regardless of the object of that love.

    As atheists, we have no love of any god, so in the mind of the theist, we are clearly incapable of love at all.

    Can I define love in my own words? Not sure, it’s a slippery subject and hard to pin down, but II’ll give it a go;

    Love – (eros) The sensation caused when one is (possibly) sexually attracted to another. But also feel that the happiness and well-being of the object of one’s love is of greater importance than one’s own.