Is there such a thing as a peaceful religion?

Is there such a thing as a peaceful religion?
Is there such a thing as a peaceful religion? Answer in the comments below.
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  • Eh J

    Jainism…, yes

  • Cornelius Van Zyl

    Maybe Shinto-Buddhism or something similar, but the big organized religions? not a chance, one you hand over accountibility of your actions to a make belief being, you are capable of everything, and be able to justify anything

  • Almisse

    Wicca, (most Pagans have their own morals, but Wicca is one sect where harming others is against the “rules”), and Buddhism.

  • Not sure, but the broad brushing is problematic. I’m surrounded by religious people who are not literal in their biblical interpretation (my Mother doesn’t even believe in Hell), are politically liberal with every social issue I can think of, and were largely accepting of my ‘de-conversion’ (if a little confused at first). So, while I recognize organized religion as a huge problem for Humanity in general, I remain generally conflicted because of my personal experience with very reasonable, open-minded, mostly pacifist, minimally judgmental religious people.

  • Thesunmaid Wills

    I would not really say that its so much the the person following the religion. I am an atheist but I also don’t care if someone wants to have religion in thier life. If they choose to believe OK good for you..just don’t try and convert me. If someone wants to live quietly with god in thier life. Have at it..its the rapid fan boys and girls that get to me mostly.