Would you get married in a church?

Would you get married in a church?
Would you get married in a church? Answer in the comments below.
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Have you ever lost a friend over religious differences?
Is there such a thing as a peaceful religion?





  • Eh J


  • Cooper Lewis

    I would hope not.

  • Almisse

    Nope. The two biggest issues with Christianity for me are The Bible, and the Church. I couldn’t get married standing in a building I saw as corrupt, and felt unwelcome in.

  • Wouldn’t now, BUT I did! I was an agnostic at the time and probably wouldn’t have told you I ‘don’t believe’ in such certain terms even though I had no need for religion. My ex and I did it for mostly everyone else. It was free, a big space for guests to watch, and we knew everybody involved….mostly it was just convenient. The religious aspects of the ceremony were nonsense of course, but at the time they were just words, nothing else. My current significant other and myself will absolutely not get married in a church.

  • Mats B

    Why not, it’s just a house. However it would be difficult to marry in a church if you’re not a member of it, in Sweden I think at least one in the couple needs to be a member but both have to be baptized. But realistically, I’d rather do a civil ceremony or just draw up a legal partnership agreement with my future wife.

  • Thesunmaid Wills

    No..I was married in a hall by a very nice justice of the peace. Both myself and my husband agreed first thing that we would not be married in a church. We had the wedding itself the same place as we had our reception.

  • Gabriel Tomasini

    Many Churches are great places to hold a wedding ceremony, too bad most come with those pesky priests.
    Joke aside, assuming that by church you mean religious ceremony, nope, I’m already having a hard enough time keeping a poker face at religious weddings where I’m just invited.

  • Clancy

    I did, to please my wife and her parents.