Who’s your favourite atheist comedian?

Who's your favourite atheist comedian?
Who's your favourite atheist comedian? Answer in the comments below.
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What would you do if your child chooses to become religious?
Have you always been atheist or did you deconvert?





  • Eh J

    Ricky Gervais. Who else? (I do like Jimmy Carr a lot, too)

    • I love Louis CK and the late George Carlin.

      • Eh J

        I actually didn’t know Louis CK was an atheist – I also have not heard a lot of his stuff. Loved Carlin, but Ricky makes me guffaw, Carlin made me think. His comedy also sometimes depressed me because it was all too often true

  • Mats B

    Eddie Izzard.
    other good ones are Jimmy Carr, Carlin, Jim Jefferies, Monty Python and Stephen Fry and many many more.

  • Gabriel Tomasini

    I don’t know any comedian who’s not an atheist, or at the very least unable to make us laugh about religion or any other belief system.

  • Some guy

    Surprised no one’s mentioned him yet, but Tim Minchin tops my list. Honorable mention to Patton Oswalt for his “Sky Cake” routine. Then alphabetically, for lack of any particular order: George Carlin, Eddie Izzard, Ricky Gervais, Bil Maher, Doug Stanhope. Probably forgetting a lot of good ones at the moment.

    • Some guy

      Oh fuck!! How could I forget about Bill Hicks?!