Would you let your child be baptized?

Would you let your child be baptized?
Would you let your child be baptized? Answer in the comments below.
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  • Eh J


    • Gabriel Tomasini

      And the award of the most terse monosyllabic concise comment goes to …

  • Cornelius Van Zyl

    Well, as it stands, im an Atheist and my wife is a Christian. We have had this conversation and in the end It dawned on me, that for me it doesn’t really matter. I have made it clear to my wife that our child may go to church with her, sunday school, but if ever I’m asked a question I will respond truthfully and when she/he is old enough to understand I will tell them of the other beliefs or non-beliefs out there. In the end it doesnt matter if someone pours some water on a baby’s head, as long as that baby is not indoctrinated for the rest of his/her life.

    • I think saying no and putting your foot down kind of gives it some kind of power, no? Good for you. You have to pick your fights, you can’t be up in arms about every little thing.

  • Thesunmaid Wills

    I was baptised as a baby but it was pretty much only because it was my grandmothers dying wish(never met this grandmother,she died 10 years before I was born.) But no I would not baptise my kids. I have 3 step kids and none of them are particularly religious. The youngest never really asks about religion(he’s 9) But if he ever asks myself or my husband we would be honest with him about what we believe. I am an atheist and my husband is agnostic close to atheist. But if my youngest finds religion and it works for him cool. His mother sort of tries to pull the “I am a Christian unless it gets in the way of my partying” Type so who knows what she will tell him but I sadly have no control over it. But if we do have some of our own we could not bring them up to believe in god.If it comes up and they want to go to church when they get old enough to choose for themselves OK but I will not be the one putting it into thier heads.

  • Clancy

    In our case, our daughter requested to be baptized at the age of five. There was no reason to refuse.