Which religion is the most absurd?


Which religion is the most absurd?
Which religion is the most absurd? Answer in the comments below.
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  • Steve Rush

    Leaving out the deliberately absurd ones, like Pastafarianism and Inebrideism (God is drunk!), I’d say that Scientology is the goofiest, followed closely by Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witless. Among the main Christian sects, the Young Earth nutcases have a narrow lead on Catholicism (Literal transsubstantiation? Really?). Judaism trails Christianity, if only for resisting the temptation to pile on mythic cruft over the centuries. I don’t know enough about the many sects of Islam to rate them, but it at least states that no translation of the Quran is legitimate, which prevents translation wars.

    • You have the same top 3 as me. Scientology, Mormonism and JWs, for sure.

    • I could have written the same list. But you were first; accurate, timely, and humorous.

    • OMGless1

      Absolutely agree w your top three.

  • Eh J

    I’d have to say, of the ones most people know of, Scientology. But the Aetherius Society is probably the one I find to be the overall weirdest