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  • jenepe

    May I kindly ask a question? When someone believes in Santa Claus, there is no drawn out argument about the many ways the person might be wrong, hundreds of books written about the non-existence of Santa, and serious debates about it worldwide. We don’t waste our time proving this opposing view, we let that person be because Santa Claus does not exist. So if a Christian believes in God, why do non-believers struggle to disprove something that they feel is fantasy?

    If people choose to believe the contents of Bible, perhaps as a moral guideline, why is that moral guideline treated lesser than than the moral guidelines determined by a society of a given era? If we are freely able to choose our beliefs and ideals, why are we not free to truly choose our beliefs and ideals?

    If you choose subjective morality (versus biblical morality), then you must accept that each person can choose their own moral basis. Any objectivion to allowing people free choice, on your part, also contradicts the idea that people can do what they want to do. By objecting others for their beliefs, you take away their free choice of free belief.

    And in love, I say this to you (with the deepest and kindest sentiments): You don’t have to believe in God, God has always given you the freedom and choice too accept him. But, as a Christian I believe, whether you believe in God or not does not determine His existence. For Christians, we urge your belief because God has profoundly change our lives, He has changed my my life. If you can imagine the way a child changes your life so completely, in God, it is bigger and deeper and fuller type of change.

    I apologize if you have encountered Christians that were hateful or hurtful. I apologize that even as Christians we are flawed, even after accepting Christ, our journey is long to truly live like Him.

    I urge you to read the New Testament yourself, free from eyes of judgement and discarding (for one moment) the barriers in your life that has caused skepticism. My love of God does not falter when someone does not believe, but if you felt the peace that comes from knowing Him, even in the toughest of times, I wish that for you.

    Warmest thoughts to you and your family. No matter your beliefs I wish you joy and happiness.

    • jenepe

      I apologize that I did not read your FAQ prior to my post. I would like to point out that one of your points within the FAQ actually disproves the science claim. The position is that people once thought the world was flat. Please keep in mind that this claim of the world being flat was a science claim, not a God claim (we can also add Pluto as a planet and now it is not to the list). It proves that science is based on current tools, our current understanding. When we advance in science, when our tools advance, then our understanding of the world then shifts. That which were the TRUTHS OF SCIENCE, NOW BECOMES FALSE (apologies for the caps, it was meant to emphasize the importance of the claim, not to shout in any way). God does not exist in science, rather science rests under God.

      Even the greatest of scientists and theorists (such as Dawkins) cannot tell you how the world is created; they may have theories, but these are theories and cannot be proven definitively. Scientists have yet to create something out of nothingness; it has not been done. So it seems quite unreasonable to believe in nothingness creating the universe. But rather they spend their lives disproving God. And it puzzles me as to why? If I believe in God, how does that affect science in any way?

      And because you are a mom, a say this with gentleness…but what if you are wrong? What if there is a God? What does it mean for your child?

      If you believe in critical thinking, it may be worth your time to read Ravi Zacharias (or view him on youtube).

      In kindness.

    • A person who believes in Santa Claus is generally a child who does not then use his belief in Santa to enact policy that strips people of their rights. You don’t see extremist Santa believers suicide bombing busy city squares or sending their gay kids to camp to essentially erase who they are. This has nothing to do with me and my personal experiences with religious people – I have a thick skin, I can and have taken criticism for not believing. But when 13 countries still have execution on the books as a viable punishment for atheists, even more have it as a God-inspired punishment for homosexuality, and 7 states still have rules on the books that make it difficult for atheists to run for office? Well, staying quiet about that and many, many things like it, is simply cowardice.

  • RJ

    For starters, all religions are equally absurd because they are all based upon myth and superstition. There is absolutely no evidence that any gods exist, regardless of which god you pick. The question regarding the worst evidence for god is a trick question… there is no evidence that any of them exist. George Carlin is by far my favorite atheist comedian. Lastly, I really get a kick out of the apologists that say “what if you’re wrong”, and “science cannot be proven” as mentioned in these comments. There is absolutely no evidence that any gods exist yet scientific theory that is later proven “wrong” (superseded with better information) is at least evidence, albeit incomplete or interpreted incorrectly. I have no problem with religious people believing whatever they want. It’s when those beliefs transform into behaviors that negatively affect other people that causes me to speak up. Keep up the good work!