Mira Sorvino: Why does it not say anywhere in the Bible that slavery is wrong?

Mira Sorvino
Why does it not say anywhere in the Bible that slavery is wrong? It only says that you should treat your slaves well. Well, I don't care if you treat them well. How is it possible that it is not immoral to own another person? Why isn't that one of the Ten Commandments? 'Thou shalt not own another person.' You want to sit here and tell me that fornication is worse than owning someone? - Mira Sorvino
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  • Steven Hite

    Let’s take an abstract look for a moment. When you take out a loan, are you a slave to your master? Does the person “own” you? Are you free? If you are late on a loan, does the person treat you nice or nasty? When you buy a house, are you indentured to the bank? I used to own a gallery. My employees were my servants. i paid them and they worked for me. Consider all of the relationships that were destroyed because of money. Do you feel like a slave to those you owe? Are you not a servant to your employer? Modernize the language and perspective and see if that fits better to your understanding. There is so much more too it, but cannot be fully explained in a comment box. I hope this helps.

  • Steven Hite

    Purity of a relationship is a beautiful thing. If someone cheats on another, it causes emotional pain unlike any other. God’s laws of abstaining from fornication is a safety measure. It saves people from heartache, disease, and sometimes death. Imagine the freedom of no knowledge of heartache from fornication. What if every relationship was pure. Imagine there being no emotional baggage or the apprehension of being harassed sexually. The relationship with God is the same. God had chosen Israel to be His people. He did all kinds of miracles and things to show that He was God. Then they started worshipping other gods. it would be like being married to someone and then they start dating someone else. How would you feel? Why would you be so furious? Why would you be more mad than having to work for the rest of your life to pay for bills? If you are emotionally torn from someone cheating on you than taking out a loan and working more to pay for bills, then you are in line with the Bible. You hate fornication more than slavery or being a servant. Hope this helps!

  • Vava Ovav

    Steven Hite, does the Bank come to your house and break your legs when you’re behind on your loan payments, and then rape and sell your children off? I hope this helps, you pathetic piece of shit.