Christopher Hitchens: I challenge you…

Christopher Hitchens
I challenge you to find one good or noble thing which cannot be accomplished without religion. It is impossible. You cannot do it. - Christopher Hitchens
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Christopher Hitchens





  • Bill Nye

    Polio vaccine.

    • Mercury Stonewell

      …you can develop vaccines without religion.

  • sarra1833

    Thought this was an atheist/agnostic site. Why the pro religion then? I’m so confused. This is saying everything is possible because of religion.

    • Read it again, doll.

      • sarra1833

        ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Haha. Now I feel dumb. I’ll blame it on being exhausted and Rheumatoid Arthritis brain fog <3

      • Roder51

        I cannot figure this out either. Can you explain it please.

        • He’s saying that anything good done in name of religion can be done without it. Helping the poor, nursing the sick, etc – does not require religion to do it.

  • knarfisfraud

    He is assuming there is actually such thing as “good”. As a moral relativist “good” and “evil”, “right” and “wrong’ are purely subjective.