Eric the God-eating penguin

Eric the God-eating penguin
Eric the God-eating penguin
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If your pastor is wealthier than the people he serves
If you could stop someone from raping a child, would you?





  • Drew


  • Sergio Silva

    Actually, the argument is rather poor… And I’m an atheist :/

    • dmacabre

      You do realize that is the point, right?

      This is the exact same argument people use for god, and it is a poor argument. This is simply framing it in another way to illustrate how terribly poor the argument is.

      • Pyrophosphate

        And that’s the problem with it. Religious folks don’t care how poor an argument is.

  • Volly Man

    I got this – Brilliant! I use the same sort of argument with Theist. Works every time.

    • It is a good one, isn’t it. Very creative…

  • Jack Black

    Ehhhh, even if the Eric existed, God would still exist. Just because I ate something doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. And, if we have a slightly looser definition of what ever “it” is, it will still exist post eating in terms of whatever atoms/particles/elements it was made of originally. Bad argument.

  • Jack Black

    It would’ve been a better argument if you kept it simple, by saying that if Eric exists, God cannot exist. But that’s not funny.

  • John Cook

    I wonder why it is people attempt to change the mind of theists. A mind has to exist to be changed. I think it’s best to leave them alone. If they wish to be that brainwashed and stupid, let them. While atheists have looked clearly at both sides, Xians haven’t and never will. They miss so much being that brain squashed. I do feel so very sorry for them and attempt every time I meet one to express my sorrow. Brainwashed from birth and no chance to know it. That is really so very sad.