Questions: quit asking and you won’t be confused

Questions: quit asking and you won't be confused
Questions: quit asking and you won't be confused
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Pascal's Wager
What scares fundamentalists the most





  • “I heard a voice in my head, it told me to tell other people not to question things or figure things out.”

    • facepalm

      one way ticket back to the dark ages

  • Volly Man

    This is by far the most stupid thing the theist say – “shut up, don’t ask questions, don’t think, do as your told”.

    Notice how they use words like “flock”, “shepherd”, “lamb” and other herd mentality type expressions? It is all intended to keep your mind closed and to follow blindly. Pathetic.

  • Lexaprazolam

    My mom and aunt love this lady. I’m always like, ugh…

  • Corey Dillon

    I’m trying hard not to punch my monitor while this idiot’s face is on it.If I were religious,I’d be embarrassed to know people like this consider themselves my fellow.Instead I’m terrified that people are taking advice from this twit.Really hope she doesn’t have any children,we have enough dysfunction in the world.

  • Angie Ishere

    Joyce Meyer = false teacher