What used to be demonic possession

What used to be demonic possession
What used to be demonic possession is now known to be neuro-psychological disorder.
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  • northierthanthou.com

    Honestly, I think subjects like demonic possession are more complicated than this suggests, especially when you add in cultural patterns which encourage them. I wouldn’t argue that any of these things are good, or that they have supernatural origin, but I do worry that memes like this push an overly simplified narrative.

    • bananaspy

      The number of “possession” claims definitely has me intrigued, I just wish they would call in an actual doctor or a psychologist or a scientist instead of instantly calling a priest who can’t wait to write his next book or drive his next sermon about it. Priests are not trained in mental diseases or any form of biological issues. Which is why we’re stuck with the mystery of it, because nobody that suspects possession ever seeks the help of a trained professional capable of properly analyzing and documenting these cases. How are there numerous claims of possession over the past few decades and not a single validated photo or video of a single one? Seriously.