Against same sex marriage

Against same sex marriage
I'm against same sex marriage
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I'm an Atheist!





  • fritter

    How about if every person was gay.. 0 babies = 0 humans.

    • Alex Glenn

      now let’s take a step back and look at the rampant over-population on our planet..

      • Alex Glenn

        Logic is good. Logic is all.

    • Being gay doesn’t take away your ability to procreate, you know. Artificial insemination, or just doing the deed to get the baby… procreation can still happen if everyone was gay.

    • Michael

      Did you really just make that argument? Its not even a possibility so its an infantile and pointless argument. On top of that, see Godless Mom’s response.

    • Scott

      That would be nice for a couple of decades, since it would lower the exploding population of this planet.
      I will pray for more gay people.

      • I’ll use my genie to wish for more gay people.

        • Scott

          Thank you. And I will talk to myself over and over again and see if that works.
          Together we can make a difference!
          Praise Jesus!

          • DocGuin

            Praise who? The Jewish activist carpenter? Is that supposed to help anything?
            Get a grip on reality sport.

    • Richard Page

      0 people to be gay to create that premise!

  • Scott

    So I guess the billions of people we can’t feed on this planet, is also a myth?